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04/22/2007: "Podnebesnaya Disc 1"

I said I was going to get Podnebesnaya finished by this week. I only ended up with Disc 1. But I thought you'd guys like it anyway; consider it a preview. I will make an official page for it with description and disc 2 when I get the time. DO NOT HOTLINK!


Podnebesnaya disc 1 [1/17 - 2/08]

PS. ..If anyone could share a 300px cap, thanks.

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on Monday, April 23rd, Amanda said

Sure. We'd love to hear it. Send it to amanda@allmylove.org or through here.

on Monday, April 23rd, Mick Bowman said

Hello there.

I was woundering if you could listen to a remix I made, Its freind or foe vs belochka (Dj korh hypno remix) I hope I can send it to you to test it out.....

on Sunday, April 22nd, Amanda said

I don't think so. These aren't rars or anything. It's most likely just half the episode (I haven't seen all of them).

on Sunday, April 22nd, Chris said

I'm downlaoding them.. but I always find when I get videos in parts that only the first part works! Do I have to compile them all somehow or will these all play well by themselves?