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04/22/2007: "New Troy blog entry"

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G'day Guys,

Wow long time no talk.
Time is just flying by and being in the studio, I have totally lost track of time and the fact that I haven't posted a blog for a while.
My bad guys, I know you have all been patiently waiting to get some news.
Everything is moving forward and is all positive. Julia & Lena are here in LA recording vocals for the new album. I caught up with them and they seem to be very well & in great spirits. The girls are excited to record and get the new album done. As we all are.
Us guys in the band will be working on some tunes too and have already chosen the first song that we are going to put our stamp on. So as with all good recording projects, it takes time. But I'm really excited to get going on the new tunes and everyone seems to feel the same.
There is also talk of us playing a show here in LA while we are all in town. So as soon as I hear confirmed information about that I will let you all know straight way.
Thats going to be such a blast to play our first show in the USA here in Los Angeles. If it's a great success, that will only insure more shows in the US! Which is what we all want!
We are off to Egypt at the start of May for a concert too which should be great to see that part of the world. Then back to LA to continue recording.

I don't know much about the TATU film project but I do know its moving forward here in Hollywood. Not sure when or if us guys will make an appearance but Julia & Lena will. I think we are in it playing a show or something, not sure. When I find out more I'll let you know. Should be lots of fun to be up on the big screen, if we are in it!

My album is coming along great, finished some vocals the other day, wrote another tune for the album and everything is sounding fantastic. Getting a lot of interest from the industry and support from everywhere. Which really excites me. I know its taking some time, but I want it to sound great. So be patient guys, its getting close and I'll have a release date for you all very soon!

I'm going to be playing some small acoustic shows around LA in the next couple of months, so if your in the area come out and say hello. I'll post all information when I lock in the show dates & times.
A special thanks to my friend on myspace, Simon from England who painted this awesome painting of me. Really talented artist, check out some of his paintings of TATU also on his myspace site.
Ok guys, must run off to the studio now. I'll take tonnes of pics of our travels in Egypt and post them when I get back. I'll also make sure I post more blogs for you guys too.
Thank you all for your support, patience and messages on www.myspace.com/Troymaccubbinmusic.com & here on my website
Its really awesome to hear from you all. Keep them all coming guys!

Good on ya!