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04/25/2007: "ISOT Official News"

RAMCO, 12.Apr. 2007

Thanks Argos from tatysite!

In May will start the shooting of the feature film "In Search Of t.A.T.u."

The Russian - American cinema-company "RAMCO" finishes the pre-production period of the work on the feature film "In Search Of t.A.T.u.", it's shooting will begin in Moskva in the middle of May. This is a youth & music drama, shot upon motives of the novel of A. Mitrofanov's "Tatu Comeback".

Janey Sawyer is a nice American of 16 to 17 years. She lives in Moskva already for a year, where she has absolutely no friends. Because of her enthusiasm for the group t.A.T.u. she gets to know Lana Starkova in a chat, a Russian of her age from a small town in the province. The girls meet in Moskva, to go together to a concert of the beloved group, and find themselves pulled into a whirl of unbelievable events. A "mirror" of the night life waits for them with all it's glamour and dangers, adventures at the edge of magical fairy-tales and nightly horror, tests of friendship and resistance. In spite of all conflicts, betrayals and disappointments, the girls will find the power to resist the wrong values and open new feelings and talents in themselves.

Sincerity, creative work and love will lead Janey and Lana to a meeting with t.A.T.u., but later to the fulfillment of their own dreams for another much better life. The story will end with a bright happy-end, a grandios concert in front of a huge auditorium. The viewers will await unexpected turns of the plot, brilliant and well-known people and of course, much music. The group t.A.T.u. has prepared some new songs for the project, not to forget that Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina will play there themselves.

The budget of the movie will be 12 Mio. dollars. Especially for the shooting the cinema-company "RAMCO", who specializes in the production of feature films for the international market according to technology of "foreign production" at the base of the cinema-concern "Mosfilm", has invited the famous british director and script-writer Roland Joffe. At the shooting of the film will participate international celebrities, whose names the cinema-company keeps secret at the moment. The locations of the shooting are Moskva and Yaroslavl. The presentation of the film-project "In Search Of t.A.T.u." will be during the Cannes-Festival in May 2007. The distribution of the movie will be carried out by the company "Foresight Unlimited", USA, and the preliminary sales of the film are planned in September 2007.