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06/21/2007: "t.A.T.u.'s Third Album Title Released!"

We at AML have always offered you news without the big bulk of Russian text that you can't understand, and don't even want to try to read. So here is the summarized version of what all the Russian fans are taking forever to read, without the excessive (and unneeded) text. We hope you will enjoy our bulleted list of recent t.A.T.u. facts...

- The name of t.A.T.u.'s third studio album will be "Upravlenie Otbrosam" or "Waste Management".
- We are not sure whether this will also be the title of the English Album.
- t.A.T.u. plan to sing one new track named "Ne Zhaley" or "No Regrets" at the ZD festival in Moscow.
- Sergio Goloyan IS working with t.A.T.u. on "Waste Management"
- Valery Polienko IS working with t.A.T.u. on "Waste Management"
- "Waste Management" promises to be a continuation of the Lyudi Invalidy storyline.
- "Waste Management" will be less more of a Dance/Electronica album rather than Pop/Rock like D&M.
- Yulia plans to work and perform until October on both the album "Waste Management" and the movie "Finding t.A.T.u."

So as you can see, we've been given quite a bit of information in a relatively short period of time. The only step left until the release of the album, is of course - the period of waiting from the fans. So hang in tight, and remember to check AML frequently for all your t.A.T.u. updates regarding "Waste Management". "Finding t.A.T.u." and whatever else we decide to update on!

Special Thanks: forre [Tatysite.net] for translating the main article.