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Amanda on 06.30.07 @ 10:14 PM CST [link]

Gallery update: 200 Po Vstrechnoi Cassette Scans

SUPER rare Polish cassette, enjoy!

Amanda on 06.30.07 @ 08:50 PM CST [link]

The Forum Is Now Open!

Moments ago, AML re-launched their forum! We at AML promise to provide you with the ability to openly discuss t.A.T.u. in our forum as well as many other topics! You can register by clicking the forum link in the site's navigation!

Here is as screen shot of what the new forum looks like!

So go register, you know you want to!
Tim on 06.29.07 @ 04:47 PM CST [link] introduces newest Finding t.A.T.u. cast member!


We continue exclusive interview series with key people involved in Finding t.A.T.u. movie. Please, meet Shantel Van Santen, an actress who plays Janie, the second lead character.

You need to see Shantel’s passion in her deep blue-green eyes to understand why Diane Crittenden, a Hollywood casting director, who casted many great movies (Pretty Woman included), asked her to audition for new Joffe’s film.

svEn on 06.27.07 @ 01:09 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u. BLOG now up!


we did not expect so huge number of users just after BLOG opening.
Our servers are extremely overloaded.
Everything will be fixed by tomorrow noon Moscow time.
Thank you for your attention to our new service and sorry for inconvenience.

t.A.T.u. technical team


I didn't even know that t.A.T.u. was open already, let alone that the servers were being overloaded because of it!
Anyway, I've already registered, and everything seems to be working just fine at the moment...
So what are you all waiting for? Get yourselves a t.A.T.u. blog NOW!
svEn on 06.26.07 @ 11:32 PM CST [link]

Lena shares her thoughts about the new song "Ne Zhaley"


Well, my dears! First, I’m so glad that most of you liked our new song. Of course it will sound a little bit different after rehearsals and on the album. I was on edge when I sang it in Luzhniki. Performing a song for the first time! And second, it’s probably my favorite song already. When I played it for my Mom, she cried. It’s so moving… I think many of you will feel it “through” and understand it. By the way, there is an English version of “Ne Zhaley”. It will be included in the album, but won’t be a single.

svEn on 06.26.07 @ 09:30 AM CST [link]

Ne Zhaley lyrics posted at


About an hour ago everybody, who was at Luzhniki open-air, heard new t.A.T.u. song translated as Don't Regret. So far the song is only in Russian. Still, here are the lyrics.

Ne Zhaley

Ti ne zhaley
Vse ne naprasno
Litsa ludey
Tayut i gasnut

Mi s toboy molchim
Ti i ya vdvoyom
Dalshe ne hotim
Bolshe ne poyom

Veter v volosah
Nash prostivshiy sled
Slezi na glazah
Nas tam bolshe net

Mi s toboy molchim
Ti i ya vdvoyom
Dalshe ne hotim
Bolshe ne poyom

Bolshe ne poyom
Broshenniy kuplet
Ti i ya vdvoyom
Nas tam bolshe net

Ne vozvratit’
Nashih biletov
Ne poluchit’
Chestnih otvetov

Do not regret (Translation by Ev)

Don't Regret
Nothing is vain
The people's faces
Melt away and fade off

You and me, we're silent
You and me, the both of us
We don't want to go on
We don't sing anymore

The wind in hair
Is our vanishing trace
Tears in the eyes
There's no longer us

You and me, we're silent
You and me, the both of us
We don't want to go on
We don't sing anymore

We don't sing anymore
The forsaken verse
You and me, the both of us,
We're no longer there

It's impossible to return
out tickets
It's impossible to recieve
Honest answers
svEn on 06.24.07 @ 11:03 PM CST [link]

Coverage: MK Festival

Thanks Ev and Matvei for this information and forre for posting it. t.A.T.u. indeed rehearsed a new song titled "Ne Zhaley (Don't Regret)". We soon will upload pictures of the band (Troy, Sven, Steve & Domen) rehearsing and keep you up to date on the MK Festival! Which starts at 10PM Moscow time TONIGHT!

Ludi Invalidy
All About Us
Loves Me Not
Ne Zhaley
Ne Ver, Ne Boisa, Ne Prosi
Nas Ne Dogonyat


A big thanks to Fanta!
Amanda on 06.24.07 @ 04:14 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Yulia at Toni & Guy's birthday

Aww, she's showing! Thanks nfne for posting pics.

Amanda on 06.23.07 @ 01:01 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u. to headline the Planet of Music Festival in Kazakhstan


t.A.T.u. are the headliners of the Planet of Music Festival in Kazakhstan organized by The Coca-Cola Company.

In July the band plays six concerts in the main Kazakhstan cities:

July, 12 - Astana
July, 13 - Almaty
July, 19 - Ust Kamenogorsk
July, 20 - Shymkent
July, 26 - Aktobe
July, 27 - Qaraghandy

svEn on 06.22.07 @ 12:16 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u.'s Third Album Title Released!

We at AML have always offered you news without the big bulk of Russian text that you can't understand, and don't even want to try to read. So here is the summarized version of what all the Russian fans are taking forever to read, without the excessive (and unneeded) text. We hope you will enjoy our bulleted list of recent t.A.T.u. facts...

- The name of t.A.T.u.'s third studio album will be "Upravlenie Otbrosam" or "Waste Management".
- We are not sure whether this will also be the title of the English Album.
- t.A.T.u. plan to sing one new track named "Ne Zhaley" or "No Regrets" at the ZD festival in Moscow.
- Sergio Goloyan IS working with t.A.T.u. on "Waste Management"
- Valery Polienko IS working with t.A.T.u. on "Waste Management"
- "Waste Management" promises to be a continuation of the Lyudi Invalidy storyline.
- "Waste Management" will be less more of a Dance/Electronica album rather than Pop/Rock like D&M.
- Yulia plans to work and perform until October on both the album "Waste Management" and the movie "Finding t.A.T.u."

So as you can see, we've been given quite a bit of information in a relatively short period of time. The only step left until the release of the album, is of course - the period of waiting from the fans. So hang in tight, and remember to check AML frequently for all your t.A.T.u. updates regarding "Waste Management". "Finding t.A.T.u." and whatever else we decide to update on!

Special Thanks: forre [] for translating the main article.
Tim on 06.21.07 @ 05:47 PM CST [link]

Channel One Promo Video

Thanks Odette | Download (save as)

Amanda on 06.20.07 @ 02:37 PM CST [link]

Channel One/Russia Airs Promo Ad


This week Channel One / Russia started airing its own promotional video-ad based on t.A.T.u. song "Nas Ne Dogonyat". Soon this video will be available at A new gallery from ZIL manufactoring plant, where the video was shot, is now uploaded here.


Go check out the gallery update! Not only is it filled with some new photos of our beautiful ladies, but it seems that Yulia has a new tattoo that at least I was unaware of. ;]
svEn on 06.20.07 @ 10:38 AM CST [link]

Lena answers questions in diary


My question:

Will you return to American TV?

We’ll try to.


Hi everybody! Here are answers to some of your questions, guys!

About the new album: Will there be an English AND Russian Version of the album – as it was before?

Yes, there’ll be both Russian and English versions. The songs will be a bit different. By the way, some translations of song lyrics will differ a little from originals in their meaning. But this is the way it’s getting together.

When you share a bed how do you choose parts and who wakes up earlier?

It depends… Generally, I sleep on the left, and Yulia - on the right. And who wakes up earlier – it’s different every time. But Yulia wakes earlier more often because she spends much time doing her hair. And meanwhile I have time to lie in!

There’s a lot of gay people among your fans. You helped many people in the world to realize who they are. What would you advise intimidated homosexual teenagers, whose parents hate and offend gays?

Just not to be afraid and to live how they think they should. Because it is their life and nobody, even parents, has a right to interfere in love relationship. It’s not always correct what mothers and fathers tell us. They judge from their point of view, and it is necessary to have your own experience and to make - or not to make - your own mistakes in life. Maybe then it’s possible to understand something: What is right or wrong, what is necessary and not necessary.

What single word would you choose to describe your fans?


Will you play or write music in the new album?

So far we played or wrote nothing – we like the material that our songwriters offer.

When will you finally stop making fun of us and make a new video and release a new single?

First, nobody makes fun of you, and second, there’ll be a new video soon. Have some patience!

Lena, if you had a daughter, what name would you choose for her?

I haven’t thought of it. I’ll have a look at a religious calendar and choose among names close to baby’s birth date.

What do you think of the song "Simple motions "? Why did you decide not to release English version of this song?

Good song. It’s such a cool Volkova’s scream: "Ya prodolzhayu!!!!" But this song was ready kind of “between albums” and was promoted as single in Russian – and there was no place for the English version at that moment. Although it exists.

Does Fan Art interest you? Do you look through the pictures devoted to you, watch video and read fan-fic?

Certainly! Many things are forwarded to us. And sometimes I see things here, at our site - when Tolik is at home, as he knows what people do with computers

Lena, I read that for t.A.T.u. casting you sang a song in Spanish. What song was it? And if it is not true, would you like to sing in Spanish and do you like this language?

No, it’s not true. I sang in English, it was Roxette’s "It must have been love ". But I really like Spanish language and actually plan to learn Spanish and French in the future.

Popularity is not only about taking pictures and looking pretty on stage, but also a way to get a message to people and make them think. Weґve all seen big artists using their popularity for a good cause. Bon Jovi helped building houses for the Katrina victims. Shakira helped poor children in her country etc. Are you planning to use your popularity to help a good cause?

I do some things not as a popular artist, but as Lena Katina, unknown to many. I don’t want my little charity things I do to be covered by media because in Russia most people consider it artist’s PR in a bad sense of this word – everybody, look, how good I am… It’s a little bit differently accepted abroad. Besides, in the West if an artist takes part in charity projects, he or she can be sure that money will be got to the right destination. In Russia it’s very difficult to track this...

Therefore I prefer not to send money, but to get some toys and go to orphanage or hospital… And I don’t believe when they say, "We need money!" I believe when they say, "We need shoes of this size, this many pampers, or crawlers, irons, medicine…"

Do you know the approximate date of new album’s release?

We don’t know yet. All information will be on the official site.

Will you return to American TV?

We’ll try to.

What happened with "Truth” DVD? It was never released.

It’s actually ready, but because of legal issues with our former record-label, which we hadn’t expect, we couldn’t release it. But…. (drumming)… soon “Truth” will be exclusively available at More information will be posted here, at the official site.

What is your new record label?

We’re in the process of negotiations. To sign a new contract with a record label, it’s first necessary to record an album. And the album is almost ready.

Girls, honestly, don’t we bother you too much?

No, not too much Oh, and it will be just great if nobody calls at 4 AM pretending to be several different people!

What do you think of an environment protection?

I think it’s a very good thing. We have only one planet! I personally try at least not to throw trash right out of the window - like some people do.

Lena, what do you think of the news that Yulia’s waiting for a baby?

Well, what can I think?! What would you think of happiness of your dear, close person that you really love? I am so glad for Yulka! Children are a holy thing. So – be happy together with us!

Kiss you,
Amanda on 06.18.07 @ 09:48 AM CST [link]

800+ 2001-2003 concert pics

If you guys saw the 312 press photos entry I posted ages ago, you'll know that these are similar.

»Babiy Bunt
»Bonn, Germany
»Hong Kong

* Most are LQ and used for reference/rarity only.
* Thanks
Amanda on 06.17.07 @ 06:39 PM CST [link]

6 German Articles

View all?

Amanda on 06.16.07 @ 07:22 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u. at MK Festival

Source: Forum, Thanks House_13.

Tatu are invited as special guests at the Zvukovaya Dorozhka MK Festival in Moscow.
The festival is due on June, 24 at the Luzhniki Arena. The festival begins at 12.00 (Moscow time). Tatu are expected between 16.00–22.30 to perform at Malaya Sports Arena.
The entrance is free

Serebro, Dima Bilan and another Russian artists are signed up to take part in the festival.
Amanda on 06.16.07 @ 06:34 PM CST [link]

New Lena diary entry


Well... Margo found home. It's so sad to give these puppies away... But nothing can be done... We have two more - flat-coated and fluffy. On Saturday, while we washed them and took to vet for injections, I was pissed all over! Cool! Little ones are so small and defenceless... I brought them back to dacha - to their mom. They missed her very much. Bye guys! I'm still waiting for you letters! Lena

P.S. Me and Julia answered some of your questions. The answers are in the next entry!!!!!


The first puppy was taken by Diana. She left the name given to a puppy by Lena - Margo. Margo is doing ok.

More puppy pictures
Amanda on 06.13.07 @ 11:33 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Julia in Russia


Amanda on 06.12.07 @ 12:30 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Ya Soshla S Uma [Poland Promo] Scans

I was going to scan Nas Ne Dogonyat, but the condition, man... I'll have to figure something out. Until then, solo, Ya Soshla S Uma Poland Promo:

Amanda on 06.12.07 @ 09:14 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: UMODE 2003 Scans

Firstly, thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes and Lauren for posting about my birthday. I had a pretty fair day fyi, considering my cake was yummy, I got t.A.T.u. gifts and indulged in shopping the previous day. It all turned out okay. :)

Now, scans of one of my birthday presents:

Amanda on 06.11.07 @ 01:28 PM CST [link]

Finding t.A.T.u. @ IMDB

Source: forum (Thanks Sean Jon)

Finding t.A.T.u. has been added to the Internet Movie Database with a description, status, forums etc. Cast hasn't been added, but we hope it will very soon to be more informative.
Amanda on 06.10.07 @ 11:53 AM CST [link]


It's our precious Amanda's birthday! She's another rly insane year older! Happy birthday, Panda! :)
Lauren on 06.09.07 @ 10:08 PM CST [link]

Finding t.A.T.u. crew photos


t.A.T.u., Mischa Barton and other people involved in the upcoming movie Finding t.A.T.u. - in our latest photogallery.

Lauren on 06.08.07 @ 02:05 PM CST [link]

New wallpapers on


Our loyal forum member Sergey Tkachenko aka NFNE created another set of cool wallpapers, out of old t.A.T.u. pictures. Enjoy!

Lauren on 06.08.07 @ 02:03 PM CST [link] May FanArt Winner


We're happy to announce our May winner of Fan Art competition - Yura who created his works on the ordinary house in Novosibirsk / Russia.

Yura, we're sending you the prize from - a T-shirt, a beanie and some cool t.A.T.u. souvenirs.

P.S. Guys, we've started to accept your FanArt submissions for June! We're encouraging you to send unusual artwork.
Lauren on 06.07.07 @ 04:10 PM CST [link]

Video on Julia's pregnancy

»Download video (Save target as)

Thanks tony69 and

Amanda on 06.07.07 @ 01:42 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u. Media

Looks like we have a new site under our hands now! Chad has given up t.A.T.u. Media due to Yulia's announced pregnancy, which means he does not want to wait any longer for a new album. Without Amanda's consent, he deleted all of the content on the site. No worry though, it is automatically backed up. All of the media will be restored soon along with a new layout, content and a responsible and dedicated owner, Amanda. Our media section here on AML will be redirected to t.A.T.u. Media. The media on here will also be added.
Lauren on 06.06.07 @ 04:26 PM CST [link]

Article about Julia's pregnancy

Source: forum | Thanks Argos!!

Yulya Volkova: I am pregnant!

The soloist of "Tatu" is expecting a baby from somebody else's husband

Yulya Volkova and her beloved young guy Parviz have confirmed that their relationship is totally serious and has nothing in common with a flirt, like many are inclined to believe.

The soloist of the scandalous duet is in interesting circumstances and the future child occupates all the thoughts of the young people. At the same time Parviz has a legal wife, the ex-singer of the group "Tutsi" Masha Veber and a one year old son.

We may remind, that we were first to tell about the changes in the private life of Yulya. At that time the singer told in the interview, that she is happy with Parviz like never before and that she dreams to give birth to a son for him. The young guy too experiences not less strong feelings to the famous singer, this time he decides to leave the wife and the little child. And just now Yulya prepares herself to become a mother.

The Situation

The time is still early, she is in her third month, but Parviz shows already telling restlessness and excitement. At the party after the MuzTV award in a trendy night club the young guy permanently held the belly of the loved one and protected her from the crowd. Yulya herself behaved quite deliberate. If she lead an active life at the time of the first pregnancy until the last one, now everything goes completely different. The singer didn't even think of dancing to the dynamical music, most of the time she spent sitting at the table, periodically removing the shoes from the swollen legs.

As "Zhizn" has cleared up, the pregnancy of Yulya proceeds normal. She passes the examination in an elitary centre. Just yesterday Parviz drove her to the clinic, where the new born will catch sight of the world.

"Yes, I am pregnant and very happy" committed the future mom to "Zhizn". "I don't want to think of anything, but I dream about a son. Parviz is happy too that we will have a second child. The only thing that worries me, - how will Masha Veber react to this news?"

Article from No.227, 6th June 2007
Tvoj den'
Amanda on 06.06.07 @ 01:28 PM CST [link]

Julia is pregnant!

Source: forum

t.A.T.u.'s management has confirmed that half of t.A.T.u., Julia Volkova, is expecting a baby. This is her second child, in 2004, she had a baby girl named Vika. There hasn't been any information about the father yet. We'll update you on this exciting event! CONGRATS YULIA!!!!

See here for original topic.

Amanda on 06.06.07 @ 11:38 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: 3 Japan Flyers [HQ Scans]

More soon.

Amanda on 06.05.07 @ 07:12 PM CST [link]

New details on "Finding t.A.T.u." movie


June, 2 t.A.T.u. were the guests of «Premiere League» show on Channel One / Russia.

Subtitled video is uploaded here.

Lauren on 06.05.07 @ 03:50 PM CST [link]

Trip down memory lane!

At last, for personal satisfaction, I find old screen shots of our layouts. And I wanted to share with you guys what our site looked like before we were popular, or professional. They were capped when they were under construction, btw. Click to enlarge.

August 2006

t.A.T.u. Discography; the first t.A.T.u. site on this domain. Made by Lauren.

»View the other 2

Amanda on 06.05.07 @ 01:04 AM CST [more..]

Interview with Sergey Konov


The office of Russian-American movie company RAMKO fitted into soviet-style “Mosfilm” studio quite organically. Same as RAMKO itself fitted into Hollywood production industry. Having successfully worked on several motion pictures for American market, producer Sergey Konov started to work on the movie based on A.Mitrofanov's novel "TATU COME BACK".

Click here

Amanda on 06.04.07 @ 11:30 AM CST [link]

Bravo Magazine HQ Scans (Julia & BF Parviz!)

Beautiful Russian Bravo magazine I received today. Includes cover and inside article about Julia and her boyfriend Parviz.

PS. We'll arrange the gallery a different way soon.

Amanda on 06.01.07 @ 02:09 PM CST [link]

TV schedule


June, 2 (Saturday) t.A.T.u. are commenting their appearance on Moscow Gay Pride in the analytical program "A Week with Maryanna Maksimovskaja" at 7 PM /Moscow time/ on Ren-TV channel.

Later in the evening, at 11:30 PM Moscow time, Lena and Yulia will be special guests of the Premier League show on Channel One /Russia/.
Amanda on 06.01.07 @ 10:58 AM CST [link]

Exclusive interview about Gay Parade


Russia Today Report on Moscow Gay Pride press conference is now uploaded.

"When we were moving towards our car and when I heard “Beat her! Beat that one!” I was not scared. I got scared only when I was in the car. Not for myself, but for those poor people, who were still on the square. Nobody hurried to help them."

Lena and Yulia gave an exclusive interview about t.A.T.u. confidential Gay Pride operation.
Amanda on 06.01.07 @ 10:56 AM CST [link]