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06/27/2007: "Tatu.ru introduces newest Finding t.A.T.u. cast member!"

Source: Tatu.ru

We continue exclusive interview series with key people involved in Finding t.A.T.u. movie. Please, meet Shantel Van Santen, an actress who plays Janie, the second lead character.

You need to see Shantel’s passion in her deep blue-green eyes to understand why Diane Crittenden, a Hollywood casting director, who casted many great movies (Pretty Woman included), asked her to audition for new Joffe’s film.

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on Wednesday, July 4th, FERNANDO said

I translated this big and wonderfull interview.

But, the link to see the interview here, well, this should open on a new page. or no?
if the link open here, nobody will be able to see the interview.

I hope you understand I said.