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07/19/2007: "Tatu: managing the wastes"

Source: Tatysite.net forum

Tatu: managing the wastes

Interesting facts: In August 2002 Tatu changes their name to t.A.T.u. In October 2003, the girls are nominated in World Music Awards in Monte Carlo (World’s Best Pop Group, World’s Best Duo, World’s Best Dance Group). According to the plan of the group’s management Yulia and Lena supposed to fire blanks with real guns towards the audience. The Awards Administration supplies Tatu with toy guns. It doesn’t correspond to the plans and Tatu refuse to participate in the ceremony. They don’t receive prises either. In 2004 Ivan Shapovalov resigns as the head of Neformat – the company which represents Yulia’s and Lena’s interests. The girls get full autonomy and keep rights for the registered trademark Tatu.

And now, the girls answer non-stop:
- We already play in a movie Finding Tatu. We play ourselves. The script is based on a book by Alexey Mitrofanov and Anastasiya Moiseeva Tatu Come Back.
- Tatu has no plans to break up. Yulia might starts singing solo along with her Tatu career.
- There’s no place left in the world, where we would like to go.
- We are not spoiled. A shower and food are main things for us. We eat anything but prefer water and tea for drinking.
- While in Moscow, we move without bodyguards. Everyone there is used to see stars walking the streets.
- We don’t have any ideal model for men.
- Our audience can be different: everything from small children to grandmothers.
- We regret nothing in our lives.
- We have been driving cars for 2 years now but we don’t drive that often.
- We plan to release the third album with a working title “Waste Management”. New songs and a soundtrack will be written for the movie.

And now separate answers
Yulia Volkova:
- I’ve got 5 tattoos all over my body: on my leg, on my back and a new one – on my shoulder. It’s a Japanese tattoo shaped as a dragon – a symbol of eternal life. While I’m pregnant I try not to run and not to jump on stage. I try to be calmer. My energy is in my eyes. We have never been bugged over the phone. I’ve had totally two numbers in my life and never had any problems. I’ve got some throat problems but this husky tone has already become a sort of special thing.

Lena Katina:
We are long time friends with Yulia. We are enough close. We run diaries for our fans and we promise to write a book. I’ve already handed out all puppies I had – they were mostly taken by fans.

Anastasiya Skripnikova
Alma Aty, Kazakhstan

Source: Express K
Translation: TatySite.net