Gallery Update: On the Set of Finding t.A.T.u.

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t.A.T.u. #36 in Forbes

Translation: Blakeich

t.A.T.u. are at the very end - you will have to fast forward.

t.A.T.u is # 36 in the Forbes rating

The Russian version of the magazine Forbes published a rating of 50 richest stars of Russian domestic show business and sports. The rating is set by income, press coverage, and also by the interest of an audience from July 1st 2006 to June 30th 2007.

Tatu has settled down at the 36th place having earned 1.4 million dollars. The year before Tatu where in the 6th place with an income of 3.3 million dollars. The group has droped 30 places in a year .

Dima Bilan is # 4 this year with 4.1 million dollars, Valeriya is 8th with 3.5 million dollars. Zhanna Friske is 14th with about 1.3 million dollars, popular singer Maksim is 17th with about 1.5 million etc.

"We did not do anything special to get rated in Forbes. To tell you the truth, we don't care at all. We know that we are the most popular Russian group all over the world" said yulia Volkova and Lena Katina to Tv channel RussiaToday.
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New Yulia blog entry


Guys, hello-o-o-o!!!
I was really bad, couldn’t get back to YOU for such a long time with life news :-) Everything’s very cool… We’re playing shows in Kazakhstan now, a lot of flying – you know the kind of plane we had to fly? AN-24 – it is kind of an air balloon on wheels! Jolts, rattle – damn! The only thing that makes it easier- thoughts about the audience. We haven’t expected that so many people love us there! Big venues, people – and everybody’s so kind, energetic, shouting and dancing till they can… All’s positive!

Yesterday was our second day of shooting for the movie, at ZIL plant. We’ve been waiting for our turn for six hours… It’s such a rush we’re in –going from one place to another… The movie’s coming alone so f**king awesome, beautiful, fun, and the team is very professional.

As for my life… I’m the happiest, there’s a human being inside of me, who already gives me signs… Sometimes it’s strange to realize that soon I will give birth to my second child…

Well, enough of telling secrets… Don’t get blue, have some fun in what’s left of summer!
Tender kisses,
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Gallery Update: HMV 2003 HQ

If you've noticed in the 'last uploads' category, there's more HQ photos; enjoy!

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Gallery Update: FHM 2006 HQ scans

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Kazakhstan vids on youtube

Nas Ne Dogonyat:

How Soon Is Now? + Cosmos:

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Interview with Finding t.A.T.u. producer Stephen Nemeth


Recognized as one of the "Top Ten Most Prolific Producers in Hollywood" by The Hollywood Reporter and one of the "Ten Coolest People in Hollywood" by an online survey of 500 agents, managers, journalists, Stephen Nemeth will be listed in Finding t.A.T.u. titles as one of the producers.

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Affiliate warning!

Lukas and Amy_Lee_Rocks have brought to my attention that our affiliate, gave them a virus. I am only posting this to say this is not my site, and I can't do anything about it except warn you. So be careful, or don't visit that site at all, if you do not have virus protection. Good luck!
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Tatu: managing the wastes

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Tatu: managing the wastes

Interesting facts: In August 2002 Tatu changes their name to t.A.T.u. In October 2003, the girls are nominated in World Music Awards in Monte Carlo (World’s Best Pop Group, World’s Best Duo, World’s Best Dance Group). According to the plan of the group’s management Yulia and Lena supposed to fire blanks with real guns towards the audience. The Awards Administration supplies Tatu with toy guns. It doesn’t correspond to the plans and Tatu refuse to participate in the ceremony. They don’t receive prises either. In 2004 Ivan Shapovalov resigns as the head of Neformat – the company which represents Yulia’s and Lena’s interests. The girls get full autonomy and keep rights for the registered trademark Tatu.

And now, the girls answer non-stop:
- We already play in a movie Finding Tatu. We play ourselves. The script is based on a book by Alexey Mitrofanov and Anastasiya Moiseeva Tatu Come Back.
- Tatu has no plans to break up. Yulia might starts singing solo along with her Tatu career.
- There’s no place left in the world, where we would like to go.
- We are not spoiled. A shower and food are main things for us. We eat anything but prefer water and tea for drinking.
- While in Moscow, we move without bodyguards. Everyone there is used to see stars walking the streets.
- We don’t have any ideal model for men.
- Our audience can be different: everything from small children to grandmothers.
- We regret nothing in our lives.
- We have been driving cars for 2 years now but we don’t drive that often.
- We plan to release the third album with a working title “Waste Management”. New songs and a soundtrack will be written for the movie.

And now separate answers
Yulia Volkova:
- I’ve got 5 tattoos all over my body: on my leg, on my back and a new one – on my shoulder. It’s a Japanese tattoo shaped as a dragon – a symbol of eternal life. While I’m pregnant I try not to run and not to jump on stage. I try to be calmer. My energy is in my eyes. We have never been bugged over the phone. I’ve had totally two numbers in my life and never had any problems. I’ve got some throat problems but this husky tone has already become a sort of special thing.

Lena Katina:
We are long time friends with Yulia. We are enough close. We run diaries for our fans and we promise to write a book. I’ve already handed out all puppies I had – they were mostly taken by fans.

Anastasiya Skripnikova
Alma Aty, Kazakhstan

Source: Express K
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Vote t.A.T.u.


t.A.T.u. made #24.
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New photos layout

Finally, I got around to adding a real layout to our photos section. I think you'll like it, as it's easier to view our photos now. Also I've been adding many new photos and scans, you can see them all here.

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Added live section!

I added the the live audio section to media, which contains 91 audio files from various concerts.

Also stay tuned for some HQ DVD rips if all goes as planned.
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New remixes!

30 Minut (DJ Franzu Remix)
30 Minut (DJ MAXIMUS remix)
30 Minut (DJ Tomas Eurodance mix)
30 Minut (dr ferro jungle mix)
30 Minut (Half Hour Techno Remix)
30 Minut [CJ Apollo Remix]
30 Minut [DJ Pandel remix 2002]
30 Minut Demo (30 Minutes To Decide remix)
30 Minutes (DJ Magic Dance Rmx)
30 Minutes (Ice Cream Remix)
30 Minutes (Kto To Remix)

Download over here.

Thanks so much, GooZe.
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t.A.T.u. at MK Festival airing


t.A.T.u. performance at ZD Music Festival will be aired June, 22 (Sunday) at 0:15 AM Moscow time on Rossiya Channel /Russia/.

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Gallery Update: FHM Top 100 Sexy

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Special Spanish scans!

Para esos que habla Espanol. ;)

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Gallery Update: 200 km/h US promo flyer

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First magazine released!

It's ALL done now. With it's own layout and everything! Click the above image to see. Enjoy! :)

We would like it if you gave us feedback here.
Note: You must join the forum in order to post feedback.

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Finding t.A.T.u. correction


Attention, please! The information in the previous post regarding timeline is not correct.

The shooting of Finding t.A.T.u. ends August, 14.

Post production period will take about 6 months.

We’re sorry for inaccuracy.
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First shooting day!

Yesterday Lena and Yulya had their first shooting day for Finding t.A.T.u. movie.

The shooting of Finding t.A.T.u. started in May and will continue until the end of September. Movie's editing will take about 3-4 months.

Finding t.A.T.u. will be presented at Cannes in May, 2008.
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Interview with Igor Desyatnikov


"I hope it’s not necessary to explain that there’s only black and white in the world, only yes and no? And we, people, are constantly choosing. I had periods in my life when I understood that I was doing f*cked up things. If this understanding came, I stopped doing these things right away. It was my choice".

An actor Igor Desyatnikov, who plays Ivan in Finding t.A.T.u. movie, told about an aggressive population of people and about the possibility of real love inside it. Interview...


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And the winner of our contest is...

....Alejandra Urias from Mexico, a.k.a. #26! Here is her poster:

Click to enlarge.

Congrats Alejandra and thank you for entering our first contest. I am very pleased to send you our contest prize, which is a brand new TATY Come Back novel. Please, when you get the chance, email me your address and I will head to the post office around the 8th or the closest date possible.

Scans of your prize:

Once again, thank you all for entering and voting, we had many favorites, it was very difficult to choose. I hope that you all will stay tuned for yet our next contest - which could be sooner than you think!

Now a commentary from Lauren:
When I saw this poster, I knew that it definitely had my vote. I love posters, but I'm very picky about which ones I'd actually hang up on my wall. This one I would. There's a lot of detail to it, which gives it a great feel. It also looks like a poster that I would see on the walls and in the windows of video rental stores, movie theatres, etc. It even has the credits on the bottom! I thought that was awesome. Congratulations and enjoy your book! :)
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New demo - White Robe


"The video will be filmed, most likely, in September, when Yulia will be "very pregnant". The song for the video is already recorded. It’s name is White Robe...."



i draw with black paint
on the wall a stupid word
for me its not important
for you its not new

for me its conceited
for you its not necessary
I draw with black pain
i draw crookedly, crookedly

Thanks podnebesnya.

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