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08/01/2007: "OK! Magazine article"

Source: OK! Magazine / Argos from tatysite.net

The Group t.A.T.u. Acts In A Movie

The group t.A.T.u. acts at the moment intensely in the film "Finding t.A.T.u.", the work on it proceeds in Russia since the end of May. Of course the girls play themselves in the film. By the way, the soundtrack to the film will be a song from the new album of the group.

The shootings of the movie are proceeding for a few months now; with the actress Shantel van Santen, who plays the second main character (right picture), VJ Aleksandr Anatol'evich appears in an episode of the film as well (upper left picture). The first shooting day of Lena and Yulya passed by at the old beer brewery Badaev and the other day t.A.T.u. were observed at another object - SIL**. The shootings of the film will extend to mid August. The producers plan to present the film at the Cannes - Filmfestival in 2008.

The tense working-schedule of the group t.A.T.u. is no handicap for the pregnancy of the soloist Yulya Volkova. The singer is now in the fourth month. "I'm very happy, after all I have an entire person inside, who already lets me know about him/her! Although it's a bit unusual to realize, that I will have a second child." confessed Yulya to "OK". According to Volkova the group intends to perform and film until end of October. Furthermore t.A.T.u. plan to shoot a video clip for the new song "White Robe" in the last month of Yulya's pregnancy.

Anastasiya Rechkalova
OK-Magazine No.32 (41) 2007 / 9. August