Gallery Update: Rare Eurovision backstage HQ

Thanks Sergey for our new tag. I assure you it's not ruining the photos.

Amanda on 08.31.07 @ 12:13 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: EXCLUSIVE Bravo shoot HQ

This is a rare 2006 shoot of the girls in Germany, which has only been seen in MQ up until now. Enjoy these 5 exclusives from me, which is half of 10, and please await until I post the others.

Amanda on 08.31.07 @ 12:11 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: PIK Party shoot HQ

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Happy birthday Troy

We at would like to wish Troy Maccubbin, t.A.T.u.'s guitarist, a happy birthday! Enjoy your day, mate.
Amanda on 08.28.07 @ 02:35 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Eurovision conference HQ

Thanks alex

Amanda on 08.26.07 @ 07:09 PM CST [link]


I just added 7 photos from Tokyo Dome, which are HQ! Enjoy!

Thanks Alex! :)
Lauren on 08.24.07 @ 04:40 PM CST [link]

Rare HQ Eres Magazine Scans sure has been churning out them rarities and exclusives, huh?

Well, here's another one for you, courtesy of yours truly.
I was digging through some of my old Spanish-language magazines, and came across tons of t.A.T.u. articles that I seemed to have forgotten about, including a rare three page spread from the Mexican publication called Eres.

Of course, since I'm so awesome (haha), I scanned the article and had Amanda upload them onto our wonderful gallery.

svEn on 08.23.07 @ 12:30 AM CST [link]

Wallpapers by Chaz

As you can tell, AML is expanding it's staff by asking graphic makers to donate and make graphics for us. With that said, we will continue to have content added and revamped (hence the lack of other graphics). Enjoy these wallpapers by Chaz, they are very unique and very fun!

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Amanda on 08.22.07 @ 10:25 PM CST [link]

Blog from Sergio Galoyan

Source: | Thanks Argos for translation

Hello everybody,

My iPhone doesn't support cyrillic, so I will write russian in latin alphabet...

Insider asked me very much to make this blog, arguing that it will be very interesting for the fans...if it is really interesting for you, then keep up.

As you guess, it's me - Sergej Galoyan!

The mood is excellent! I entered into GITIS (Argos: Russian Theatre Arts Academy)! Just came back from London, where I finished the material of Valeria's album, on which I [worked] (millimeter for millimeter) I kiss the year! The album will be released in October-November, I completely composed and produced it. I hope very much that it will be loved!

I was on the concert, liked it very much! Especially how the guys in the group played. Especially impressed by the live arrangements of the song NGGU, got real goosebumps!

Maybe for you all it's interesting just how much songs I wrote for tatu this time? 15! At the moment I don't know how much they will choose, but at the demo stadium there are four of them....

I feel guilty, that I rarely answer letters and rarely make updates on my site and MySpace, simply I can't stand writing on the keyboard...this costs very much time and force for me, therefore sorry.

Well, bye everybody and feel free to add me as a friend here and on

Truly yours,

Sergio Galoyan
Amanda on 08.22.07 @ 02:58 AM CST [link]

Added 144 icons by Anastasia (Anya)

As noted in one of my previous posts, Anya is now making icons for Check out her newest icons I've added into a separate page. And take a moment to view her livejournal account for other icons!

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Gallery Update: B1 Club HQ photos

I’ve managed to get a hold of 79 exclusive B1 Club photos in HQ. We’re the first and only fansite to offer them. Enjoy 32 photos I’ve posted from August 21st to September 29th. And be sure to follow my rules – do not remove my tag or post on your fansite. No exceptions.

Amanda on 08.20.07 @ 11:16 PM CST [link]

Icons by Lei Fang from our forum

One of our newest forumers posted links to their t.A.T.u. icons. We liked them so much, we decided to add them to our icons section. Remember, you can always post your fan art in our forum, here. We cannot guarntee it will be added to the site, however.

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Amanda on 08.19.07 @ 03:37 PM CST [link]

Tatu.Ru Gallery Update! The B1 Maximum Gig!

Tatu.Ru has updated it's official gallery to include photos of the B1 Maximum performance on August 15th, where t.A.T.u. unveiled two new songs for the shooting of "Finding t.A.T.u.". There are a total of 16 new photos from the event. Click the image below to be re-directed to Tatu.Ru's gallery page!

Tim on 08.18.07 @ 08:35 AM CST [link]

Welcome Anastasia (Teaser Icons)

Recently I emailed Anastasia, a graphic maker with hundreds of icons of t.A.T.u., and invited her to make icons exclusively for Pleasantly surprised, she agreed to it. I will supply her with some rare HQ photos for future icon bases. Here are some examples of her beautiful work.

Please credit, and don't hotlink. Many more to come.

Amanda on 08.18.07 @ 01:00 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Trevor Horn Concert in Wembly 2004

Amanda just added new high quality photos to the gallery! They're from the concert in Wembly of 2004. Enjoy!

Thanks Alex!
Lauren on 08.17.07 @ 12:19 AM CST [link]

Little People good quality rip

Everybody has been wanting a good rip of the new song Little People, and vadirut from uploaded a video file with one. I have ripped it for everybody, and did the honor of asking vadirut for their original video file. If I get it, we'll have an even better rip. Stay tuned.

Download 'Little People' MP3

Amanda on 08.16.07 @ 06:39 PM CST [link]

Videos by Switch + Downloads

Thanks Switch for filming and robbie for posting.

Viewing files on
»Lyudi Invalidy
»All About Us
»Loves Me Not
»Little People
»Show Me Love
»Nas Ne Dogonyat
»Ya Soshla S Uma

Downloadable files (.3GP) on AML:
»Lyudi Invalidy
»All About Us
»Loves Me Not
»Little People
»Show Me Love
»Nas Ne Dogonyat
»Ya Soshla S Uma
Amanda on 08.16.07 @ 02:01 AM CST [link]

Little People & You And I on youtube

It's always more convenient to view videos on youtube, so here are the new songs on youtube. Thanks to one of AML's good friends, Mike. Check out the rest of his youtube videos, here. There are some real rarities!

Amanda on 08.16.07 @ 01:11 AM CST [link]

New videos + MP3 Rips

If you don't want to download, see here.

Little People and You And I videos are more clear than the prior recordings.

Videos filmed by Karrek, ripped by Odette:
»Intro & Lyudi Invalidy
»Lyudi Invalidy
»Little People
»Loves Me Not
»You And I

MP3 rips by robbie:
»Little People
»You And I
Amanda on 08.16.07 @ 12:58 AM CST [link]

B1 club video - Ya Soshla S Uma

A video sufraced of Ya Soshla S Uma live at the B1 show (see previous posts) by CNMA, a member of It's a decent quality video, and worth a look. Thanks anneke from for posting. Thanks Tiberiume for ripping the video.

View here | Download here

Amanda on 08.15.07 @ 03:06 PM CST [link]

B1 show pics

Thanks to fans CNMA, Switch, Show Me Love.
Thanks to agencies Press Photos, Photo News.
Thanks to sites and

Amanda on 08.15.07 @ 02:44 PM CST [link]

You And I full and Little People rips

As previously posted by Tim, t.A.T.u. performed 2 new songs at the latest B1 Maximum show. Here are 2 full rips of "You And I" and "Little People" by Odette from Please stay tuned for all versions of these songs on our server. For lyrics see here.

You And I | Little People

Amanda on 08.15.07 @ 01:30 PM CST [link]

Clip of New t.A.T.u. Song! - "You and I"

A few hours ago, t.A.T.u. debuted two new songs at the B1 club in Moscow for the shooting of the film "Finding t.A.T.u." We at AML have been lucky enough to hunt down a clip of the song being performed! You can read the lyrics and download two versions of the song below!

You and I Live Audio
You and I - Remastered by Tim

You and I Lyrics

You and I
Holding tight
You and I
Gotta fight
You and I
Side by side
You and I

You and I
Feels so right
You and I
Holding tight
You and I
Side by side
You and I
For the rest of our lives

Special thanks to: Argos & no_name for providing the audio, as well as links!
Tim on 08.15.07 @ 05:01 AM CST [link]

New lyrics!


Little People
Little people break like china
Little people fall to pieces
Ugly, pretty, major, minor
Shoot to kill nobody misses
Little people melt like vinyl
Little people re-assemble
Bigger, smaller, better, finer
Little pieces on the table

You and I
You and I
Holding tight
You and I
Gotta fight

You and I
Side by side
You and I

You and I
Feels so right
You and I
Holding tight

You and I
Side by side
You and I
For the rest of our lives


Ваш Insider


I've just had a look at the entrance list for tommorow's gig. Super. So many of you. People from Japan, Mexico, Europe. Big international crowd. I bet with your speed by tomorrow night the lyrics of You and I and Little People will be decyphered, mp3s will be uploaded and those, who didn't make it to B1, will be happy.

The lyrics are above.

Sing along.


Amanda on 08.14.07 @ 01:40 PM CST [link]

GALLERY UPDATE: Moscow Press 2003

Amanda just added new high quality photos of Moscow Press 2003 to the gallery. Enjoy!

Thanks Alex! :)
Lauren on 08.13.07 @ 01:16 AM CST [link]

More info on B1 show


Guys! This information is for those, who will come onAugust, 15 to the concert at B1 club.

1. You can send several names in one e-mail to request invitation to the gig.
2. The entrence to the club will be according to the list . You won’t need your passport.
3. The concert begins at 8 PM.
4. If the worst comes to the worst – you didn’t send your invitation request before 11 AM August, 15 – most likely, you’ll get into the club, but only after those who were invited beforehand.
5. B1 address is Ordzhinikidze Str, 11 (Leninskyi Prospekt metro station)

S.e.e. y.o.u. at B1 Maximum!
Amanda on 08.12.07 @ 02:57 PM CST [link]

New songs at B1 Club


Guys! Super news!

On August, 15 (Wednesday) at 8 PM in B1 Maximum Club /Moscow/ shooting of t.A.T.u. concert for the movie Finding t.A.T.u. takes place. We are inviting everybody – the entrance to the concert will be free. It will be a live club gig. The most important thing: Two new songs will be included into the set list - You and I and Little People.

Attention! Please, remember about the movie shooting during the show. All who come will as well be actors. It could happen that the director will ask for 2-3 takes of the new songs. Besides the new songs will be performed "full playback" – it is a filming requirement.

No video cameras will be allowed in the club. Photography is, as always, allowed.

Since we cannot say exactly how many people will come to the gig, we are asking you to send us your full name at You’ll get a short “yes” as a reply. It will mean that you are in the list and on August, 15 will be among the very first people, who will hear the songs from the upcoming album Waste Management.
Amanda on 08.10.07 @ 12:15 PM CST [link]

New pictures

New pictures added to the gallery.

Plus photos from the set of Finding t.A.T.u. on

Lauren on 08.07.07 @ 01:11 PM CST [link]

OK! Magazine article

Source: OK! Magazine / Argos from

The Group t.A.T.u. Acts In A Movie

The group t.A.T.u. acts at the moment intensely in the film "Finding t.A.T.u.", the work on it proceeds in Russia since the end of May. Of course the girls play themselves in the film. By the way, the soundtrack to the film will be a song from the new album of the group.

The shootings of the movie are proceeding for a few months now; with the actress Shantel van Santen, who plays the second main character (right picture), VJ Aleksandr Anatol'evich appears in an episode of the film as well (upper left picture). The first shooting day of Lena and Yulya passed by at the old beer brewery Badaev and the other day t.A.T.u. were observed at another object - SIL**. The shootings of the film will extend to mid August. The producers plan to present the film at the Cannes - Filmfestival in 2008.

The tense working-schedule of the group t.A.T.u. is no handicap for the pregnancy of the soloist Yulya Volkova. The singer is now in the fourth month. "I'm very happy, after all I have an entire person inside, who already lets me know about him/her! Although it's a bit unusual to realize, that I will have a second child." confessed Yulya to "OK". According to Volkova the group intends to perform and film until end of October. Furthermore t.A.T.u. plan to shoot a video clip for the new song "White Robe" in the last month of Yulya's pregnancy.

Anastasiya Rechkalova
OK-Magazine No.32 (41) 2007 / 9. August
Amanda on 08.01.07 @ 05:36 PM CST [link]

OK! Magazine + new pictures


The new issue of OK! magazine / Russia is out tomorrow with the report from shooting Finding t.A.T.u. movie.

More pictures in the photogallery

Amanda on 08.01.07 @ 05:34 PM CST [link]

Special t.A.T.u. blogs

We've noticed that on the official t.A.T.u. Blog, there have been advertisements for new blogs by the management. The Finding t.A.T.u. movie blog includes exclusive content (coverage and pictures). We can assume the others will too in time. Here are the links.

Amanda on 08.01.07 @ 05:32 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: TOTP HQ pics

My lovelies! We are back up to over 30,000 hits a day. We had this amount a few months back, and it seems we've reached it again. Let's keep it that way! New pics for this special occasion.

Amanda on 08.01.07 @ 05:21 PM CST [link]