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08/10/2007: "New songs at B1 Club"

Source: Tatu.ru

Guys! Super news!

On August, 15 (Wednesday) at 8 PM in B1 Maximum Club /Moscow/ shooting of t.A.T.u. concert for the movie Finding t.A.T.u. takes place. We are inviting everybody – the entrance to the concert will be free. It will be a live club gig. The most important thing: Two new songs will be included into the set list - You and I and Little People.

Attention! Please, remember about the movie shooting during the show. All who come will as well be actors. It could happen that the director will ask for 2-3 takes of the new songs. Besides the new songs will be performed "full playback" – it is a filming requirement.

No video cameras will be allowed in the club. Photography is, as always, allowed.

Since we cannot say exactly how many people will come to the gig, we are asking you to send us your full name at voevodina@tatu.ru. You’ll get a short “yes” as a reply. It will mean that you are in the list and on August, 15 will be among the very first people, who will hear the songs from the upcoming album Waste Management.