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08/12/2007: "More info on B1 show"

Source: Tatu.ru

Guys! This information is for those, who will come onAugust, 15 to the concert at B1 club.

1. You can send several names in one e-mail to request invitation to the gig.
2. The entrence to the club will be according to the list . You won’t need your passport.
3. The concert begins at 8 PM.
4. If the worst comes to the worst – you didn’t send your invitation request before 11 AM August, 15 – most likely, you’ll get into the club, but only after those who were invited beforehand.
5. B1 address is Ordzhinikidze Str, 11 (Leninskyi Prospekt metro station)

S.e.e. y.o.u. at B1 Maximum!