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08/22/2007: "Blog from Sergio Galoyan"

Source: blog.tatu.ru | Thanks Argos for translation

Hello everybody,

My iPhone doesn't support cyrillic, so I will write russian in latin alphabet...

Insider asked me very much to make this blog, arguing that it will be very interesting for the fans...if it is really interesting for you, then keep up.

As you guess, it's me - Sergej Galoyan!

The mood is excellent! I entered into GITIS (Argos: Russian Theatre Arts Academy)! Just came back from London, where I finished the material of Valeria's album, on which I [worked] (millimeter for millimeter) I kiss the year! The album will be released in October-November, I completely composed and produced it. I hope very much that it will be loved!

I was on the concert, liked it very much! Especially how the guys in the group played. Especially impressed by the live arrangements of the song NGGU, got real goosebumps!

Maybe for you all it's interesting just how much songs I wrote for tatu this time? 15! At the moment I don't know how much they will choose, but at the demo stadium there are four of them....

I feel guilty, that I rarely answer letters and rarely make updates on my site and MySpace, simply I can't stand writing on the keyboard...this costs very much time and force for me, therefore sorry.

Well, bye everybody and feel free to add me as a friend here and on MySpace.com/SergioGaloyan

Truly yours,

Sergio Galoyan