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10/01/2007: "One year online!"

It was around 7 P.M. on October 1st, 2006, my internet connection was out, and I was very bored. I opened up photofiltre (graphics program) and worked on a layout that was neon, and featured a silhouette (from a D&M show): two things I artistically love. It was mediocrity at its best, considering I hadnít had experience in creating website layouts as often as I do now.

Little did I know, aside from a vague idea, that I would create a popular fan site that would seize to have over 7 million hits, with an average of over 40 thousand hits a day, and featured on tatu.ruís best non-offs. All of this in 1 year. Weíve maintained a success, through good and bad, that thereís no denying.

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A big thank you to everyone who made this possible, aside from me and my parents. t.A.T.u., Lauren, our visitors, ezyrewards.com, dreamhost.com, help from our staff Tim and Angie, and our closest friends Nicole and Ashley.


The domain itself is special. It was one of the last allmylove domains left at the time, with others such as allmylove.com, .net, .info taken. Prior to my registration in 2006, it was dated back in 2001 to be owned by other webmasters, most notably a Japanese site and a florist business. Not entirely random considering all my love is not only a t.A.T.u. song, but a popular phrase.

AllMyLove.org was not created on October 1st in terms of registering the domain. In fact, it was created on August 3rd, making it around 14 months today. It wasnít until later in August that we even had the idea of a t.A.T.u. related site. My first intentions were a site for myself, that Iím glad I didnít go through with.

During August, we maintained a site called t.A.T.u. Discography, based on t.A.T.u.ís extensive music releases. I was mainly a collector of their music. I didnít collect pictures and media as I do now. And to be honest, I wasnít that update with the t.A.T.u. ďcommunityĒ, aside from visiting a forum called t.A.T.u. Fatal (who declined our toplist submission and should greatly regret!).

We went through a brief time with the unique idea of a chain of t.A.T.u. sites. For example, we had t.A.T.u. listings, a site dedicated to promote your fansite. t.A.T.u. reviews, a site dedicated to reviewing sites. t.A.T.u. graphics, dedicated to our extensive graphics, be it icons, wallpapers, or signatures.

We started off unprofessional on October 1st, in terms of writing, content, and design. Lauren, my co-web and I only intentions were to have fun. We wrote funny biographies and sections for the girls, surrounding the rumors and the facts of their personality. But only with the best interest. You guys know we love t.A.T.u.

Around December, possibly late November, a time when we were getting more noticed by fans, we decided to root out our old site, in terms of content and in layout. We decided, hey, we're popular (ego pun intended), letís give it all we can give. Iíll write a professional biography and weíll see how it goes. And it went exceptionally well if we do say so ourselves.

Sure, we went through phases of over working ourselves, when it came to our content, but we just wanted to be the best. We had roughly over 30 unique pages, some useless: lookalikes, and some original gold: graphics. I still keep back ups of all of these pages, because you never know if we decide to use some them again, right?

Guys, please help us celebrate on 1 year online. Actually, Iím sure you will! Head over to the tagboard, or forum, and discuss your thoughts. We appreciate all of your dedication and your love. There hasn't been anything else in my life to give me as much gratification as this site. And I will never, ever let it go as long as t.A.T.u. live.

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on Wednesday, October 10th, Maria said

Yeees.!!!!!! But Only One Year..?? nbut well I Love To.!!!! eaea.!! OuI.!

on Tuesday, October 9th, alex said

wow, it's been a year! happy birthday to you :D

on Monday, October 8th, Vladik said

awwwww! Congrats on your site Amanda!!

on Friday, October 5th, Mimy said

I love AML.ORG <3

on Thursday, October 4th, Stefan said

Yeeeeey! :) You lovely girl with the best fansite! Congrats. :) I luv ya!

on Wednesday, October 3rd, Tim said

Yes that's right everybody, you read it. I was mentioned. LOL.

on Tuesday, October 2nd, Matt said

wow a year? i only found this site like a week ago. LOVE IT! keep up the great work.

on Monday, October 1st, Vicente said

Congratulations! felicidades Amanda!