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10/11/2007: "New Troy blog"

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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Still Alive in LA! @ 2:34 PM EST
G'day Guys, long time no talk

How have you all been?
I haven't forgotten about you!
Just really busy this end.
Sorry for the lack of blogs.

I've been in the studio, recording and working on my music.
Enjoying the beautiful weather here in LA, even though its starting to slowly cool off.
Getting lots of exercise and spending lots of time again in the studio.

Alot happening at the moment, but nothing I can really talk about just yet.
But I can promise you all will be surprised and I can't wait to let the cat out of the bag.
All I'll say right now is, its something to do with a collaboration and a special song. Wink
You'll have to keep checking in to see what's coming your way very soon!

So I've posted more pics on my web site. Yes finally I hear you say. "Kazakhstan Tour July 2007" Check them out!

Read more

I'll post more pics shortly, from the movie concert shoot in Moscow and then I'll also post more pics from the latest TATU music video shoot. www.Troymaccubbin.com

I had so much fun playing that show in Moscow and being filmed for the movie. I can't wait to start playing shows again I miss playing live!
Really looking forward to seeing this movie in the theaters too!

The music video shoot was lots of fun and looks really great. All I can say is Julia is incredible!
She was such a Trooper and really blew me away. Being 6 months pregnant and doing all what she did was really awesome to see.

Us guys in the band were there for the last day, sunday, to shoot our parts. Julia and Lena had already done a long day of shooting on Saturday. Julia wasn't feeling the best so they had to shoot all of Lena's scenes. So it was a real long day for her. But as always Lena was professional and kicked ass.

When all us guys arrived on set, everything was busy, people running everywhere and all crazy.
We were sent to the costume department to get our costumes and get ready. I had to wear this war uniform and the guys dressed in Tuxedo's. We all looked pretty cool.

Julia came running by, gave me a hug and a kiss to say hello. She was all wet and belly out to here. She looked great! I have no idea what scene they were shooting, but I was thinking, wow Julia is a trooper! Then Lena came out of the trailer and said hello and she was also rushing off somewhere. So all us guy's got into our costumes and then had to wait around for our scenes to be shot. As always things take forever on set.

I was in a scene with Lena which was lots of fun and then Julia. By 2am in the morning I was starting to fade and all I wanted to do was go home to bed. Then I look over at Julia and she's dancing around all beautiful, pregnant, making jokes and half naked at nearly 3am in the morning. And its starting to get really cold! I'm like dam! This girl is amazing! Both girls had been on their feet all day and were still going strong at 3 am. Seeing the girls standing strong kept me going and I had no reasons to complain at all.

We finally rapt around 3:30am. We said goodbye to the girls as they were back on a flight to Moscow the next day. I'm not exactly sure when we'll see them again. I hope sooner than later.

Really looking forward to seeing this Music video. Once again TATU are pushing the boundaries and I think its going to look awesome.
2008 is going to be a big year for TATU, new album, new video and a movie! I can't wait and I'm so excited to be apart of it all.

We are going to ROCK 2008!

I know you guys have been waiting patiently for the release of my music. Its coming guys, I promise. I'm pretty much doing everything myself, so its taking a little longer than I would have liked.
I want to release the best of me and that is what you'll get. I don't want to release just anything. This is all me and I really hope you guys love it and support it. I'm hoping to release my single soon. As I said earlier, there is a special collaboration coming your way soon too. So you'll get my single and this special extra surprise!
So hang in there and keep sending me your e-mails & comments. Make sure you stop by www.Tatu.ru and say hello on the Tatu blog too. I love that Tatu have all these new features on their website for you fans.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you all, let you know I'm still alive and all is moving forward.
Getting very excited about the new material that I will release soon.
Lots of surprises coming your way!
Keep the e-mails, myspace messages & website guest-book signings coming!
Love hearing from you all!
Big Hugs to all the fans in Brazil, Italy, France, Germany & Mexico!
Oh and the rest of the world!

More to come very soon!!


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on Friday, October 19th, behzad said

hi amanda .thank you for these news

on Thursday, October 11th, s.A.S.u. said

Thank you Troy . Thank you Amanda .
I hope to watch it soon !
I can'tttt wait !!!!