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10/27/2007: "Video: NTV “You Won’t Believe It!”"

Source: Tatulife.ru
Transcript by nfne
Translation by tatysite.net

The solo artist of Tatu’s prepared a New Year gift for the fans. Yulia is awaiting a second baby to be born in December. You won’t believe it! The delivery will be broadcasted live.

Yulia: I want to get out all the time so everyone could see me – my belly…

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The solo artist of Tatu’s prepared a New Year gift for the fans. Yulia is awaiting a second baby to be born in December. You won’t believe it! The delivery will be broadcasted live.

Yulia: I want to get out all the time so everyone could see me – my belly.

The private life of this star looks like a Brazilian soup opera. In the line of all her short-term love affairs she didn’t notice when she became a mom. At the age of 19, she gave birth to a daughter Vika.

Yulia: We had a night together, as we say here and got pregnant.

This is a step sister of Vika’s – Polina. The girls have different mothers but one father!

N: - It’d be interesting to get to know the sister.

Nastya Lazutina had been living with Pasha Sidorov for 5 years.

N: - Yes of course, we loved each other.

Pasha Sidorov and Yulia Volkova met at one of the parties. Their romance developed fast. Nastya learned that her boyfriend has an affair with a star.

N: - I switch on the TV. There was a show and then I see Pasha together with Yulia.

The half sister of Vika’s is 3 years old now. She sees seldom her father.
- I miss my father.

Nasya Lazutina left the delivery hospital being a single-mother. Pasha Sidorov moved to Yulia’s and she was already pregnant too.

Yulia: I gave birth to my daughter for myself. She’s just my daughter.

Pasha Sidorov was there when his second daughter was born and he held Yulia’s hand during the delivery.

Yulia: I can’t say he was my first love in this life… it was simply an affair…

Their daughter wasn’t even one year old when the family happiness of Yulia and Pasha collapsed.

Yulia: I parted with him easily… without all those… He doesn’t see the child. The child has another father now.

Pasha Sidorov has another – a third family now. After the affair with Yulia, Pasha Sidorov decided to marry the unknown for the wide audience blond girl.

The unknown blond girl: He’s been conquering me almost for 3 years.

In the passport of the father of two there’s a sacred marriage stamp now. Neither Yulia nor Nastya were guests at this wedding. Pasha didn’t invite his ex-girls. Each of them got a daughter as a memory of him.

After the affair with Pasha, Yulia was spotted in the company of different men – Vlad Topalov, Serguey Lasarev, Timati.

Timati: I like her very much. This kind of relationship is nothing to be discussed in public.

Yulia meets a businessman Parviz Yasinov at one of the parties and falls in love with him at a first sight.

Yulia: We had an unreal sex with Parviz. The rest is so…

This is an ex Tutsi girl Masha Weber. She has her beloved son in her photo album.

- That’s great. I’m only 19 and I already have this wonder.

Whoever Yulia might get in during a live broadcast, the son of Masha’s will become a brother to this child. The father of the future Yulia’s child is an ex husband of Masha Weber.

Yulia: Apparently, maybe, Masha, yes? What was her name? Maybe she didn’t give him what he wanted.

Parvis made his choice as Pasha did once – he left his pregnant wife for Yulia Volkova.

Yulia: She didn’t have to get pregnant!

Masha Weber has no regrets. She left the stage for the sake of her husband and a happy family life. Now Masha plans to return on stage and is sure that her life with Parviz will be sorted out.

M: I’m sure he’ll come back. Nothing will happen to him.

But now the businessman has a new family and a new child on its way.

Yulia: We are always together.
Parviz: We are always together and we always have fun.

Yulia Volkova has a personal experience that if someone finds the happiness, the other one gets dark times. To take another one’s husbands to to five them children is becoming a tradition of hers.

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on Monday, October 29th, TheEscradTwins said

Yulya is free to do what she wants, however,
we agree with TATULOVER, and we totally feel sorry for Lena :( We also hope that (for whatever time is left) that fans stay loyal to t.A.T.u. for the sake of her :)

on Sunday, October 28th, :o said

I support Yulia and all but I wonder how Lena's doing...?

on Sunday, October 28th, =O said


on Sunday, October 28th, Amanda said

Guys, calm down. We all still love t.A.T.u. And we have to support Yulia through her choices. She's an intelligent and strong woman, and I know she'll do fine.

on Sunday, October 28th, Olegovna said

She's so crazy doing that. She's gonna miss a lot of fans. Lena doesn't deserve this.

on Sunday, October 28th, TATULOVER said

That's really wrong what Yulia is doing. but what comes around goes around. She'll get her heart broken some day....and how is she suppose to talk about Ludi Invalidi when she is the disabled one...she has no emotions!!!

on Sunday, October 28th, VML said

That will be interesting to watch.
I love Yulya.
She's a little home-wrecker. XD

on Sunday, October 28th, Sarah said

I just hope he won't force her to quit t.A.T.u. ..