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11/01/2007: "Lena’s diary entry"

Source: Tatu.ru

Guys Thank you to everybody for your words on my birthday. I’ve read them all. And really appreciated them. I was even close to crying at some moments – there’s so little sincerity in our world and here are all these nice, touching and honest wishes – and all for me. Thank you to every-every-everybody!
I’m really so happy for Yulka, and thanks God she’s feeling good! And she’s so happy – my heart is just full of feelings for her!
I’ve been quite often to theatres recently. If anybody cares for an opinion – I really liked the play “Russian Jam” at Contemporary Play Theatre.
You know that we’ve shot an awesome video. I hope you’ll like it! Don’t get down because of this little pause. Our songs and videos can’t come out fast. Now when I have a little bit of free time before we release our albums, I want to start learning Spanish – maybe I’ll remember something!
We are with you! And you are with us! Ciao!

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on Thursday, November 1st, Carlos Miranda said

Great, she wants to learn Spanish! It would be cool to see her learning that :D