Beliy Plaschik avatars

16 new Beliy Plaschik avatars by Lei_Fang have been added to the icons section. Lei_Fang has been given a a special page dedicated to their icons. Now we’re hosting over 520 exclusive avatars…

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New Insider blog


The English version of “Plaschik” will not just be made in future – it but already exists and is waiting for its day (all the “lip-singing” scenes were shot both in Russian and English). The English lyrics are not the literal translation of the original Russian lyrics in “Plaschik” – in fact, it’s quite different this time and, in my opinion, they fit the picture even better – open door for dead man walking…

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t.A.T.u. Elle Girl interview


Elle Girl: What is your new album about? Waste Management – sounds anti-glamorous.

Lena: It’s kind of a part two of “Ludi-Invalidi”, our second album. We explained it many times that we call ludi invalidi all these cruel and mean human beings. And “waste” in new album’s name is the result of ludi invalidi’s activity…

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Vote for Beliy Plaschik – MTV Russia

Source: forum

Like the new video? – So do we! Want to make everyone else like it? – So do we! Click here to vote for “Beliy Plaschik” on MTV Russia’s Top 20. Select the second option, the Cyrillic writing for “Beliy Plaschik”, and the lower right Cyrillic word for “Submit” and you’re done!

Amanda on 11.29.07 @ 05:19 PM CST [link]’s site for “Beliy Plaschik”

Source: forum have added a special section of their site dedicated to “Beliy Plaschik.” It includes a promotional video, the official translation, official photos, and special downloads for fans – all wrapped up in a blue/white themed layout for the song. Go check it out!

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Tim’s review of “Beliy Plaschik” and yours!

I’ve been waiting since the announcement of this song as the next single to get my hands on the video an scrutinize it. To nobody's surprise, less than five hours after the release of Beliy Plaschik, I could hardly contain myself to critique the new video…

What is there to say about Beliy Plaschik? - To tell the truth, there’s quite a lot. t.A.T.u. create a deep, soulful video full of haunting bliss with a sophisticated message about violence and lack of compassion in humanity. A genuine t.A.T.u. message, presented in – as always. The best way possible. Simply t.A.T.u.

Please remember that this is not an official summary of the video, but Tim’s analysis of the video as a fan. We have no detailed information on what the true meaning of Beliy Plaschik is from t.A.T.u. or their management. Thank you.

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Lyrics: Beliy Plaschik


I’m drawing with black paint
A dumb word on the wall
This word is not important for me
This word is not new for you
It’s vain for me
It’s necessary for you
I’m drawing with black paint
This drawing is very messy

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Video: Beliy Plaschik

Source: nfne /

Here is the video of “Beliy Plaschik”, the pre-single from t.A.T.u.’s upcoming album “Upravlenie Otbrosami” that aired earlier today on MTV Russia. It has two versions: HQ and LQ. We’d like to thank nfne for capping the video and uploading it exclusively to our servers to share with thousands of t.A.T.u. fans.

Download HQDownload LQ

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New icons teaser

Teasers of a new icon set by Anya, one of our exclusive graphic makers, have been added to the icons section. Support the new era of t.A.T.u. by grabbing an icon from the photo sets of Beliy Plashik and OK! magazine (see here and here).

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MTV Russia releases Beliy Plaschik Trailer

Thanks Matvei and nfne

Today, MTV Russia began rotation of the Beliy Plaschik trailer. The actual video will premiere on November 29th (this Thursday) on MTV Russia exclusively, with two weeks of consecutive airplay. In the clip we finally get to hear the chorus we’ve long been waiting for! We also get a better look inside the environment of the Beliy Plaschik video; a cell of some type and a grim corridor. You can view the clip below, and discuss it in the forums here. (Note: You must be a member to discuss).

DownloadYoutube link

Beliy Plaschik Lyrics
Pulya v serdtse
Bel'iy Plaschik
Dushu v nebo
Slozhim v yashik.

Bullet in the heart
We put on
A white robe
Soul in the sky
We shall combine in a box

Tim on 11.27.07 @ 06:38 AM CST [link]

MySpace competition

Source: t.A.T.u.’s myspace

View the MySpace banner here and t.A.T.u.’s profile here.

As you will all have discovered, t.A.T.u.’s new single “Beliy Plaschik” begins exclusive rotation on MTV Russia this Thursday!

With the release of the single we are running a competition designed exclusively for our MySpace friends to show our appreciation for their support.

Entering the competition is simple, all you need to do is set your default MySpace picture to be the same as ours, leave a comment in this blog entry so we can see you have done it, and after 10 days Lena and Julia will pick 10 lucky people at random to be t.A.T.u.’s Top Friends on MySpace together with Sven, Troy, Steve and Doman - for a whole month! Not only that, but one of these top 10 will also receive a copy of the new Russian album “Upravleniye Otbrosami” (upon release) along with some goodies from the official t.A.T.u. store!

The competition will start today and run until December 6th, after which the lucky 10 will be seen on our MySpace page. The winner of the album and other t.A.T.u. goodies will be notified by MySpace Messaging, so if you’re in our top friends after December 6th, please make sure to check your inbox.
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New information from


Beliy Plaschik (White Robe) is the first single for the new t.A.T.u. studio album Upravleniye Otbrosami (Waste Management) planned to come out on December 25, 2007.

November, 29 this video gets into MTV Russia exclusive rotation.

View full article here.

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Gallery Update: Making-Of Beliy Plaschik

The short clip of Beliy Plashik was removed from and the official t.A.T.u. forums, and it was only appropriate for us to remove it as well. Now, we’ve uploaded 7 new photos to the gallery from the making-of the video. Thanks to swetatumanka (

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Bravo magazine scans & transcript


View scans from here.

t.A.T.u.’s new LP “Waste Management” comes out on Christmas. It was recorded mostly in America, then partially in Moscow, and then dubbed in London. But these are not the most important things now. The most important is the fact that Yulia will have a boy in two months…

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Bravo magazine / November 21st


t.A.T.u. do BRAVO magazine / Russia / which is out t.o.d.a.y.! Editor-in-chief asked Lena about Julia's women tricks and asked Julia - about Lena's “bye-friends” and much more!

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Beliy Plaschik official release


Well, kids, we’re done. Rock-n-Roll starts. This last week the whole t.A.T.u. back office had 4-5 hours of sleep daily, but we did it.

November, 29 the video Beliy Plaschik (White Robe) will be aired on MTV Russia. And then – 2 weeks of exclusive, meaning, super heavy rotation (the trailer will be out November, 27). Faint-hearted fans are urged to get some tranquilizers and watch it only when lying on some bed. Guys, it’s a kickass.
Amanda on 11.20.07 @ 01:56 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: OK! «The Best Party of the Year 2007» HQ

Part 2 of our previously mentioned new content. We’ve got our hands on 8 exclusive HQs from OK! Magazine’s “The best party of the year” that t.A.T.u. recently attended on November 9th in Russia (see the original post).

Amanda on 11.20.07 @ 07:42 AM CST [link]

Video: MUZ-TV “ProObzor”


Yesterday, November 17th, MUZ-TV’s “ProObzor” showed a short clip of Yulia and Parviz. Yulia confirmed that the long awaited new video, Beliy Plashik, will air on Wednesday. And the new album Upravlenie Otbrosami will be released on December 25th (also citied in OK! magazine).

DownloadYouTube link

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New layouts

Hey guys, I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I’ve been busy with personal business and haven’t added any new HQs to my collection. But now I’ve planned some new content for everybody, and part 1 is new layouts for the gallery and the forum. If you have any problems or want to report an error, email me and Lauren.

New gallery layout
“Version 2” by me

New forum layout
“Winter 07-08” by Lauren

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Gallery Update: OK! «The Best Party of the Year 2007»


t.A.T.u. were seen in Russia for OK! Magazine’s “The best party of the year” for 2007. The girls recently did an exclusive photoshoot and interview for the Russian magazine. No further information has been given about their attendance. Thanks Limas ( for the news.

Amanda on 11.11.07 @ 02:51 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Gaudi Arena HQ

We desperately need a new layout for our gallery. I can’t stand the current one, that I made a long, long time ago… But nevertheless, enjoy these new HQs.

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Gallery Update: MTV Italy 2002 HQ

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t.A.T.u. in Maxim's top 100 Russia


t.A.T.u. Made it to MAXIM's Top 100 Sexiest Women of Russia

# 15 - Julia Volkova

We love pretty risk takers, who're afraid of nothing and who can't be stopped by anything. t.A.T.u. had absolutely no tattoos before we suggested them to make one. Yulia immediately agreed. Mind you, it was not a temporary picture, but a permanent one. Yulia wanted an Arabic word and she got it. And only when the tattoo was done, Yulia asked, "And what does it mean?"

# 53 - Lena Katina

t.A.T.u. girl has grown up and changed from charming red-hair curly into a real sexy diva. We're no big experts in singing, but a singer with such a size definitely has a great future. Just don't hide the beauty generously given by nature!

Maxim / November 2007
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Gallery Update: Exclusive HQ Articles

Angie recently uploaded articles to our gallery in celebration of her return to AML. The articles are in German, Spanish, English and French. They were scanned by her months ago, but we had difficulty categorizing them on our previous “Articles” page due to the difference in sizes. All of my previous article scans (and some new ones) will be uploaded in the gallery as well, soon…

Her message:
“I thought I’d post some goodies to celebrate my return to teh intarnetz (yaay me!). :]
Various German, Spanish, English, and French HQ articles, scanned by yours truly.
Enjoy! :D”
svEn on 11.05.07 @ 02:20 PM CST [link]

OK! magazine transcript & translation

Transcript by nfne
Translation by Argos

We met in a chinese restaurant at the Kutusovskij prospekt. Yulya and Lena came by after an exhausting photosession and ordered chicken with cashews. Together with Yulya her lover Parviz. In two months they will have a child, and approximately at the end of December t.A.T.u. plan to release their third album “Upravlenie otbrosami”. Besides this OK! talked with the girls about much more…

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OK! magazine / November 1st


t.A.T.u. are in the new edition of OK! Magazine Russia, featuring a new photoshoot. Julia shows off her very pregnant belly (she’s due next month!) and Lena with her hot new style. The magazine is out now. If you live in Russia, you can’t miss out on this. EDIT: Added HQ scans by Karrek (, we owe you one! EDIT2: Find scans, including the magazine cover here.

Amanda on 11.01.07 @ 07:07 AM CST [link]

Lena’s diary entry


Guys Thank you to everybody for your words on my birthday. I’ve read them all. And really appreciated them. I was even close to crying at some moments – there’s so little sincerity in our world and here are all these nice, touching and honest wishes – and all for me. Thank you to every-every-everybody!
I’m really so happy for Yulka, and thanks God she’s feeling good! And she’s so happy – my heart is just full of feelings for her!
I’ve been quite often to theatres recently. If anybody cares for an opinion – I really liked the play “Russian Jam” at Contemporary Play Theatre.
You know that we’ve shot an awesome video. I hope you’ll like it! Don’t get down because of this little pause. Our songs and videos can’t come out fast. Now when I have a little bit of free time before we release our albums, I want to start learning Spanish – maybe I’ll remember something!
We are with you! And you are with us! Ciao!
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