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11/01/2007: "OK! magazine / November 1st"

Source: Tatu.ru, OK-magazine.ru

t.A.T.u. are in the new edition of OK! Magazine Russia, featuring a new photoshoot. Julia shows off her very pregnant belly (she’s due next month!) and Lena with her hot new style. The magazine is out now. If you live in Russia, you can’t miss out on this. EDIT: Added HQ scans by Karrek (tatu.ru), we owe you one! EDIT2: Find tatu.ru scans, including the magazine cover here.

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on Friday, November 2nd, Amanda said

Hey Fernado,

I'm glad you like the layout. It means a lot to me. And thanks for your compliments. You're right about the girls in OK! They're so great. Kisses to tatubrazil.com. You've always been pleasant to us.


on Friday, November 2nd, fernando (tatubrazil.com) said

Hi, Amanda and Allmylove.org Team.

First, I can read and translate English news (it's so easy), but it's a little bit difficult to me to write (and, of course, to speak too) in English. Don't mind.

I didn't see that tag board, so, I'm commenting here. Sorry for doing it.

I love this new layout (Version: #4 “Romantic”), wonderful. And I am happy, You guys and tatubrazi.com are in "t.A.T.u. fan sites section" (in tatu.ru)!! That's great. Keep your work, and loving t.A.T.u.!!

Now talking about this news... t.A.T.u. in OK-magazine, gorgeous photos.
Lena, beautiful like she always is. And Yulia, god, that's a wonderful woman.