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11/05/2007: "Gallery Update: Exclusive HQ Articles"

Angie recently uploaded articles to our gallery in celebration of her return to AML. The articles are in German, Spanish, English and French. They were scanned by her months ago, but we had difficulty categorizing them on our previous “Articles” page due to the difference in sizes. All of my previous article scans (and some new ones) will be uploaded in the gallery as well, soon…

Her message:
“I thought I’d post some goodies to celebrate my return to teh intarnetz (yaay me!). :]
Various German, Spanish, English, and French HQ articles, scanned by yours truly.
Enjoy! :D”

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on Thursday, November 8th, Angie said

You make it sound like I quit and came back when you say "in celebration of her return to AML".

on Tuesday, November 6th, rob said

i know this has nothing to do with the topic here, but i just had to tell someone. Two people at my school told me they heard on Kiss 108, the most popular music station in Boston, that t.A.T.u. was making new music. SOOO, I was just really happy cuz they were mentioned. =) idk, maybe i'm crazy but it made me happy that they aren't being ignored =)))

on Monday, November 5th, Lauren said