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11/18/2007: "Video: MUZ-TV “ProObzor”"

Source: Tatulife.ru

Yesterday, November 17th, MUZ-TV’s “ProObzor” showed a short clip of Yulia and Parviz. Yulia confirmed that the long awaited new video, Beliy Plashik, will air on Wednesday. And the new album Upravlenie Otbrosami will be released on December 25th (also citied in OK! magazine).

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Replies: 3 Comments

on Monday, November 19th, Matt said

Woot can't wait. did they say when the english version is gunna be released? and why is it gonna be released on Christmas? lol.

on Monday, November 19th, Can't said

Omg, love the way she talks! =3

on Sunday, November 18th, Jessica said

Wednesday! Yay! haha