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11/27/2007: "MTV Russia releases Beliy Plaschik Trailer"

Source: Tatu.ru, Tatysite.net, Tatulife.ru
Thanks Matvei and nfne

Today, MTV Russia began rotation of the Beliy Plaschik trailer. The actual video will premiere on November 29th (this Thursday) on MTV Russia exclusively, with two weeks of consecutive airplay. In the clip we finally get to hear the chorus we’ve long been waiting for! We also get a better look inside the environment of the Beliy Plaschik video; a cell of some type and a grim corridor. You can view the clip below, and discuss it in the forums here. (Note: You must be a member to discuss).

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Beliy Plaschik Lyrics
Pulya v serdtse
Bel'iy Plaschik
Dushu v nebo
Slozhim v yashik.

Bullet in the heart
We put on
A white robe
Soul in the sky
We shall combine in a box

Replies: 3 Comments

on Tuesday, November 27th, Can't said

Omg the intro-voice of that man in that clip...lmao!

on Tuesday, November 27th, Erica said

I am soooo happy that the new video is only 2 days away!!!! Whats even better is that this vdeo/song is quality work! If you don't respect t.A.T.u. by now, then you never will. I almost cried when I saw the previews....this is the most awesome t.A.T.u. video ever!!!
Thursday cannot arrive soon enough!!!

on Tuesday, November 27th, Jessica said

Finally, a chorus! And a damn good one too.