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11/28/2007: "Video: Beliy Plaschik"

Source: nfne / allmylove.org

Here is the video of “Beliy Plaschik”, the pre-single from t.A.T.u.’s upcoming album “Upravlenie Otbrosami” that aired earlier today on MTV Russia. It has two versions: HQ and LQ. We’d like to thank nfne for capping the video and uploading it exclusively to our servers to share with thousands of t.A.T.u. fans.

Download HQDownload LQ

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on Wednesday, November 28th, Scott said

fucking awesome thank you so much amanda! i have looked forward to this for ages :D

thank you!

on Wednesday, November 28th, Nichey Kto-to or Julia said

For those who don't know in the very beginning of the video it says "Sometime in the 21st century"

on Wednesday, November 28th, Nichey Kto-to said

you can really see it hear
Tatu - Beliy Plaschik [White Robe] [New]Uploaded by wonderful-life1989

on Wednesday, November 28th, Jessica said


It's...orgasmic. I love it!!

on Wednesday, November 28th, Nichey Kto-to said

I can't believe it's finally here! ahhh to see it I just about fainted. Great video! great song! I love t.A.T.u.!

on Wednesday, November 28th, Mimy said

t.A.T.u. is back whaaaaaaaaaaaa

on Wednesday, November 28th, Mimy said

Whaaaaaa thank you forever thank thank thank thank youhouuuu tatu is the is very big mega great

on Wednesday, November 28th, TATULOVER said

WOW the video is so great !!!!!