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11/29/2007: "Vote for Beliy Plaschik – MTV Russia"

Source: Tatysite.net forum

Like the new video? – So do we! Want to make everyone else like it? – So do we! Click here to vote for “Beliy Plaschik” on MTV Russia’s Top 20. Select the second option, the Cyrillic writing for “Beliy Plaschik”, and the lower right Cyrillic word for “Submit” and you’re done!

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on Friday, November 30th, Dima said


To: top10@mtv.ru
Subject: Тату Белый Плащик

Message Body: Тату Белый Плащик

Please write Тату and Белый плащик on cyrillic Smile Thanks!

Another way:


Select Белый плащик and click Голосовать (Vote)

on Friday, November 30th, X said

what is the song medley in that poll?

on Friday, November 30th, Ryan said

ive voted about 10 times... seems you can just keep throwing in the votes XD

on Thursday, November 29th, Mimy said

Me too i voted ^^

on Thursday, November 29th, DJ said


on Thursday, November 29th, Mimy said

I understand and I es te hosted for the past moi non plus je poste not official music I would like the new album with impatience.
You have succeeded in having hope kisses to you thanks for the clip.

on Thursday, November 29th, Mimy said

Enjoys amanda ^^

on Thursday, November 29th, matt said