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12/10/2007: "Video: MTV News Block"

Source: Tatulife.ru
Thanks jawier for the translation

December 10th, t.A.T.u. go to a party in Russia to check out a new British DJ, there MTV News Block’s cameras followed them, and they gave a small interview.


Narrator: Interest in new British DJ was so big, that it literally dragged Volkova out of home
to do some clubbing, in spite of her ninth month of pregnancy.

Yulia: All my life I went clubbing, I was this way and still I am. It's normal. I think all my children will be like their mom…
Lena: Music-loving.
Yulia: …so everything’s fine. I’m feeling normal. I don’t smoke, don’t drink, do nothing wrong
so everything’s OK!

Replies: 3 Comments

on Wednesday, December 12th, S'n'M said

I agree...Just as long as mum and Parviz Jr. are safe, there's nothing wrong in a little clubbing before the new arrival!

on Monday, December 10th, Jessica said

I'm glad she's being careful.

on Monday, December 10th, zephroelectro said

dam i wanna hear some of that DJs stuff!

and good on Yulia for getting out of the house to go clubbing, nothing wrong with that :)