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12/27/2007: "Yulia gave birth to a baby boy Ė video & transcript"

Source: Tatu.ru
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Guys, thank you very much for all your congratulations! Some details.

The birth went fast and without any difficulties. Last night Yulia and Lena had a New Year party in a close circle of friends and their team. Yulia came home around midnight and was in bed by 2 AM, but at 4 AM she woke up realizing that the birth process started. Parviz took her to the hospital right away. So you see why the process went so fast Ė Yulia peacefully slept half of the time.

Parviz was together with Yulia when she was giving birth, he didnít leave her for a second and cut the cord off himself.

The boy looks a lot like Daddy Ė as it should be. Yulia and Parviz keep the babyís name in a secret.

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Yulia: What weíve been waiting for is happening today. Today is Dec. 27, 2007 just before the New Year, so our baby will be from 2007. We arrived to the hospital and I got drops all over me, blood pressure detectors and detectors for the baby heart rhythm. Right now we are resting and Iím passing away. I got everything numb and I'm about to fall asleep.

The main thing is that my beloved husband is beside me. My eyes are a bit swelling. Right now we are waiting. We are lying here and waiting.

Parviz: My sweety, what do you want to tell to the whole world? Is it worth getting pregnant?

Yulia: Yes, itís worth it but it requires patience... well, donít look at me because I look sleepy now. Iím about to pass away from these drops.

Parviz: Does it feel good?

Yulia: Yes.

Parviz: I think you should do it every day.

Yulia: The main thing it doesnít hurt.

Parviz: Why are you lying?

Yulia: Let me film you now.

Parviz: Me? Why? Iím not pregnant.

Yulia: You see I donít look very beautiful.

Parviz: You are the most beautiful one!

Yulia: I think it was right not to give birth on air because it would be a horror. Itís only for my beloved husband.

Parviz: Some people would have loved it. Do you know how many perverts are out there?

Parviz: I love you.

Yulia: I love you very much too.

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on Friday, January 11th, Nichey Kto-to or Julia said

oops *seems*

on Friday, January 11th, Nichey Kto-to or Julia said

awww i am so happy for Yulia and her new family she seem truly happy xoxo

on Sunday, January 6th, Claire said

Yulia is so sweet. :)

on Monday, December 31st, Sammie said

It's amazing how stunning she still looks even when in labor. I looked and felt like a train wreck the whole time. But she's still just as beautiful and happy as ever.
Congratulations to her!

on Sunday, December 30th, zephroelectro said

congrats to Yulia very much!
also, shes lucky cus she got a room all to her self :D

on Friday, December 28th, Mia said

congrats to Yulia!!

on Friday, December 28th, Sarah said

You know I like Yulia, a lot.
But Parviz..talking about perverts..I'm sorry but he left his previous girlfriend when she was pregnant.
So who's the pervert now..

on Friday, December 28th, comig to america!! said


t.A.T.u Singer Gives Birth to a Boy

on Friday, December 28th, Love YV said

Parviz is funny!

on Thursday, December 27th, B said


on Thursday, December 27th, r.O.b. said

Congrats to Yulia!! I'm so happy for her and the entire t.A.T.u. community.

on Thursday, December 27th, Jenn said

Even during labour, she is absolutely stunning. That Yulia is a wonder.

on Thursday, December 27th, Jessica said

Hilarious how Parviz mentions perverts and then says 'I love you' to Yulia.