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01/13/2008: "Gallery Update: Candids of Lena at a wedding"

Source: Paparazzi.ru

The newly found Russian paparazzi site (paparazzi.ru) has posted candids of Lena attending a friend’s wedding in Moscow, Russia on January 13th, 2008. Lena is shown dressed elegantly carrying a bouquet. To read the article, translated by Argos, click here.

The soloist of the duet t.A.T.u., Lena Katina prepared herself for this wedding as if for her own, but her best school friend Anastasiya Vazheleva got married. She helped Nastya to choose the wedding-gown and to organize the party. By the way, some time ago Nastya was support for Lena too, she supported the friend in the most difficult moments, and even went on tour with her, when the tatugirl was depressive. For example, I saw that they had a walk together in Tokyo, when t.A.T.u. had tour performances there. At that time by the way Nastya saved Katina from a few thousand Japanese fans. And at the return from Tokyo the girl met the boyfriend of Lena, Andrej. They didn’t suspect at that time that Katina would soon have quarrels with him, but after four years they will be together again. And Nastya will reconcile them again and invite them to her wedding. What a love story.

At the Taganskaya registry office Lena Katina appeared with her new-old boyfriend Andrej. Lena looked gorgeous – with an astounding hair-do, with a new fur over the evening gown.

After the official ceremony the guests and Katina together with them stepped out to the street, where they arranged a flyer-show for the newly wed. After that they separated at the cars and went to celebrate at the Italian restaurant “Canaletto”. There the interior is decorated with paintings of the famous Venetian landscape-painter Giovanni Canaletto and the guests and the newly-wed entertained themselves until 5 o'clock in the morning.

After she had not even caught the wedding bouquet, Lena whispered to the friend that she will marry her lover without one. Well then, we will wait for the wedding, but in the meanwhile: “Bitter!”

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on Friday, January 25th, DJ said

Hahahaha... now I'm picturing Yulia hauling Parviz around in her handbag. I really have no idea what the nature of their relationship is. It seems a little... like a Hollywood relationship, all glittery and dramatic.

on Friday, January 18th, coco said

DJ, Well yeeeeah I´m kinda guessing he has "a nice personality" and hopefully Parviz has too, or is Julia living with him and caring for his child ´cause he goes nicely with her handbag?

on Thursday, January 17th, JC said

Have to agree with ya DJ, I was hoping the same thing...

on Thursday, January 17th, DJ said

...um... looking at the pictures... here's hoping Lena's boyfriend has a nice personality... good lord. Volkova's seeing/marrying Parviz and Katina's dating _him_? He looks like a Russian Neville Longbottom...

on Wednesday, January 16th, coco said

Like I said, a very Russian look xD personally I think most full-fur coats look hideous and tasteless (fake or not)

on Tuesday, January 15th, JC said

Agreed with Haku, It looks real.

on Tuesday, January 15th, Amanda said

haku over at the tatysite.net forums stated this:

“It’s obviously real fur, Russians don’t wear fake fur (anyone here who’s Russian or who knows Russia will confirm), and anyway it’s visible in the way the various pieces of the coat are assembled. Almost all Russians own real fur clothes, it’s relatively unexpensive over there as the country has huge fur farms in Siberia.
Both Lena and Yulia have been seen many times before with real fur coats, nothing new, they’re Russian girls.”

on Tuesday, January 15th, Jessica said

She's absolutely stunning! But sadly, I don't think the fur is fake. :-/

on Monday, January 14th, Amanda said

coco, I hope so too.

on Monday, January 14th, JC said

She looks lovely and it looks like it was a lot of fun.

on Monday, January 14th, coco said

Could she look any more Russian? :D Well, I hope that fur is at least fake.