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02/19/2008: "Video: “Good morning, Russia!”"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum
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Yulia and Lena. I listened to your conversation before we were on air. You talked about doctors. You are like two real friends.
Yulia: Well, firstly, even though we work together, we are above all friends, we know each other. It is not like we are only working together and in life we don’t talk to each other at all. We are close to each other. We have many common things. We earn money together, we spend them together, we live in the same hotel room.

What do you spend your money on?
Yulia: I don’t know, we go shopping…
Lena: It all looks like that: Yulia starts running around the shop’s counters and the first thing I do is…
Yulia: to sit somewhere immediately.
Lena: I go to a shop and I immediately look for a place to sit and wait until Yulia looks around and tries… (different clothes)
Yulia: And after that. Exactly after an hour, Lena says: “You know, I am so tired…”, I say: “Lena, tired of what? You only sat”… and I was tired myself.

You don’t like shopping at all?
Lena: Well, it is not like I don’t like it at all. I go shopping if it is a necessity. If I don’t have anything to wear, I go and buy something.

Yulia we can say that you are a mother of many children. How old is your daughter Vika?
Yulia: Ok, she is 3 and…. I am going to be precise… October, November, February… she is going to be 3 years and 5 months old on the 23th of February.

And how did he accept the new member of the family?
Yulia: She doesn’t really understand that this is her brother. She looks… she comes near. She is now concerned about something else, that meccano.

Well, a meccano is more interesting than a brother.
Yulia: Yes, she is still learning, she is 3 years and 5 months old, she has seen a lyalyechka, a doll.
Lena: He is still very young, he is now learning to crawl, to walk.
Yulia: Yes, she still can’t hold him in her hands or whatever.

Although you gave birth to a baby one month ago, I can’t see…
Yulia: Yes, I take care of myself a lot. I stay at beauty parlours for an endless period of time, lots of procedures and so on….

Your body looks gorgeous even in the music video. How months pregnant were you?
Yulia: This was the seventh month.
Lena: She didn’t change at all, the only thing that became bigger was her abdomen, she didn’t change.
Yulia: Probably, I was all in love, in love in every aspect, I tried to look beautiful for my favourite man, I knew that if I had become fat, he would have stopped loving me.

You took part in the music video while you were far gone in pregnancy. Physically speaking, the shooting of the music video, as far as I know, was not an easy task at all. You had handcuffs, chains.
Yulia and Lena: It was awful, painful…
Lena: She even had black and blue-marks.
Yulia: I had black and blue-marks on my little bones and my hands, those handcuffs, in general it was awful and unpleasant.
Lena: And it was cold, she wore knickers and a topic(don’t know the word for this, it something like a female T-shirt).

You were there to.
Yulia: We with Lena, one after another, drank tea so as to warm up ourselves.
-With time, didn’t you get a little capricious? “How come? Why can’t you shoot the scene right away? Why do I have to walk in the canal?”
Yulia: I think that the real artist, actress doesn’t have a notion of doubles…
Lena: We have to be satisfied with the results. Conversely, we scream “Once again! Once again! Can we do it once again? I am here, something is not very…”
Yulia: What can be done better?

Lena, that scene in which you scream…
Yulia: Fire!

You shoot your pregnant friends… of course this is acting…
Yulia: We both whined.
Lena: I had to look at her…
Yulia: and she was stalking
Lena: I was totally looking at a different direction.
Yulia: And you know how much I laughed when they did this to my hands. I said: “Len, please, don’t look!”, and she looked at me like this, I was smiling, looking down because it was soo funny.
Lena: It is great that people watch and they feel…
Yulia: …fear
Lena: horror, disgust
Yulia: and how it is possible a pregnant woman, at all… this touches the abortion’s theme.
Lena: This can make them want to stop.
Yulia: Of course.

Is it true that you shot the video on a territory of some canal factory and that all of a sudden leaked…
Lena: streams
Yulia: Waste
Lena: Dirt
Yulia: The most dangerous thing was when we were shooting the scene in which they tied me, they shot from beneath, from the place where our manager told us that in any moment the tubes could open and leak and they could find themselves into…
Lena: All in the letter “S”(shit)

Well, congratulations for…
Yulia: not staying there, yes? (laughs)

Yes, yes, it is great that the tubes didn’t open and leaked… tell as about the movie “Finding t.A.T.u.”…
Lena: A story about two fans…
Yulia: the story is “around” us
Lena: Our art
-Fans, who listened and watched
Yulia: fell in love
-and killed…
Yulia: Yes, there is madness.
-And you play yourselves.
Yulia: Yes, ourselves. We as the project t.A.T.u..

But in your lives, have you ever had such problems with your fans?
Yulia: Of course there has been… a girl came to me from Mahachkali’ and she lived one week at my threshold. I asked her: “Whom did you come to?” and she says “To you.”. We talk with our fans, we have a separate group, a circle of our fans, who visit us. But we can’t let everyone sleep at our homes, she wrote me some songs…
Lena: She was madly in love with Yul'ku.
Yulia: Yes, she loved me, but she didn’t want anything in return, she just loved me, she thought I was the person she lived for.
Lena: A role-model, everything…

What did your parents say when you started you career with the image of two girls in love?
Yulia: They are contemporary people, they understand that there are terms like “game”, “stage” and so on, that’s why they always stand up for us and they are always ready to fight for us.
Lena: I said: “Mom, we are going to kiss each other in the video.” She said: “You are going to kiss? Real kisses?” I: “Well, yeah…”
Lena: As a matter of fact, we were still laughing and it was very difficult for Vanya to shoot the kissing scene.

We have people behind camera that want you to kiss now on air.
Yulia: No. We won’t do this like that.
-A mother of two children.
Yulia – Why do we have to do this? We won’t shock the public anymore?
Lena: When we drink a little together… we…

Wish you happiness girls…
Yulia and Lena: Wish you happiness, too.

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on Wednesday, February 20th, Mia said

love this interview.

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i liked it, lots and lots of talking XD

and wen julia drops that thing, i love how she ses

"oops Sorry"