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04/22/2008: "New single “220” premieres Friday!"

Source: Tatu.ru

Second t.A.T.u. single “220” will premiere in Russia on Russkoye Radio / 105.7 FM on April, 25 (Friday) in the morning show “Russian Peppers” (10-11 AM). Yulia and Lena will be the guests in the studio and will personally introduce the song

“220” will be in the Russkoye Radio exclusive rotation for 8 days.

The song “220” was recorded at Bonum Studio (Moscow) and at Sarm West Studios (London).
The music and the lyrics of the song were written by Valery Polienko.

Fresh extravagant video “220” will premiere in May. The video has already been shot and now is in post-production. It will probably be the most colorful of all t.A.T.u. videos.

The song “220” will be included in the two upcoming releases of the band – hyperion-plate “Beliy Plaschik” (released in May 2008, SOYUZ) and the Russian version of the third studio album “Upravleniye Otbrosami” (planned release – June 2008, SOYUZ)

“220” Radio Spot (download)

Tomorrow right after «Russkoye Radio» premiere the song “220” will be available at official t.A.T.u. MySpace.

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on Thursday, April 24th, zephroelectro said

Yulia and Lena are on now!
I do hope I haven't missed the song >.<

on Wednesday, April 23rd, Jenn said

Damnit! It's Wednesday. Friday is soooooooooo far away! :p

on Wednesday, April 23rd, zephroelectro said

I for one, didn't laugh..DJ.

on Wednesday, April 23rd, DJ said

Well... yeah... except we can't even really believe them when they set months. "Friday" for 220 I'll believe, because we've got specific release details, but I distinctly remember them going, "April, definitely April" for Upravleniye Otbrosami. And before that, "It'll be out in December". My bet is we won't even see the 220 video until June. It even says here that June is only a "planned release" date, according to an outside source. Was I the only one who didn't laugh when Insider joked, "Well, the new album will definitely be out before the end of the year..."?

on Tuesday, April 22nd, B said

OMG- that sounds so cool! I can't wait for Friday!

on Tuesday, April 22nd, Ryan said

it sound well good :D...

im happy they set months now and not dates... pisses me off when they go overdue. but i am a patiant man and i love tatu more than anyone but seriously... timeline is stupid... 3 years for 1 album tut... al let them off becoz of the movie :D

on Tuesday, April 22nd, zephroelectro said

I am looking very forwad to this!

I must get faster internet before Friday so that I can listen to this without it skipping o.o