Gallery Update: May 2002 – Big Wheel [HQ]


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Video: “Finding t.A.T.u.” press conference


Some important information:
- The movie will be shown on May 19th at Cannes
- “Beliy Plaschik” single will be released in a few days
- “220” video will be released next week

Special thanks to Anneke and Max (

» Download here

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Lyrics: “220”


The English translation of t.A.T.u.’s new single “220” has been added to our lyrics section. If you haven’t heard “220” yet, it is available on t.A.T.u.’s official myspace.

Little rabbits on the wall
Are dying after the sunset
Together it’s easy in death
Little rabbits are fading and closing up

220 on yourself
Wrap around yourself and go
220 on yourself
220 on her

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Vote for “220” on Russkoye Radio

Vote for t.A.T.u.’s new single “220” online at for Russkoye Radio. Select t.A.T.u - «220» and the red button to vote. t.A.T.u. are currently in the #1 position, above popular Russian artists Serebro and Maksim.

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Gallery Update: Home photos [2001] [HQ]


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Gallery Update: Russkoye Radio


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New Lena blog entry


Hello, guys! Well, the premiere happened! Thank you for your contradictory emotions, it’s actually cool that they all exist. I do want you to really get into our new song. «220» may seem simple only at first glance, at least to me.

I’ve read the forum… I don’t want to ignore your reaction on our fuck-ups. Artists are human beings. We also feel, get tired, worry about different things, we have problems, bad mood, break-downs… But you don’t give a fuck. And you shouldn’t. Every artist has performances that are not-so-great, and I feel really down about Dubai gig (believe me, everything’s ok with our self-critisism)… I just want to say that no matter how crazy or not-so-crazy we are on stage, we never perform without emotions.

Do you really think we have no idea about what we sing?!… I’m shocked.

Anyway. A professional must always work with 200% result. And we will work like this. Insider wrote many things that we need to work at – I’m not going to repeat them. In June we’re leaving for the US for two months to stage the show.

As for extra fat and fat ass. If you like flat girls with just skin on the bones, go watch some fashion show. Yes, I’m not skinny – and I'm proud of it. At least one can hold on to something! If anybody’s interested, my weight is only 52 kg – and has been for a very long while. And I have no extra fat. If you don’t like it – don’t look at me!
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Gallery Update: Vladimir Byazrov / Best For

Source: Vladimir Byazrov’s livejournal

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New MySpace competition for “220”

Source: t.A.T.u.’s MySpace

Following the success of our recent MySpace avatar competition we’ve decided to run another one for the new single “220”. You can hear the debut of “220” at Russkoye Radio / 105.7 FM this Friday the 25th April (10-11am – Moscow Time).

All you need to do to for your chance to win is set your default MySpace photo to our "220" animated avatar for the duration of this competition. The closing date for this competition is 1st May and the top 10 winners will be picked at random by Yulia and Lena!

10 lucky winners will be added to our top MySpace friends, and one of them will win a copy of t.A.T.u.’s amazing new dual-disk release, the Hyperion Plate – which contains the TV version and the UNCENSORED video for Beliy Plaschik as well as the song Beliy Plaschik and many remixes. It also contains the new single “220”, some unseen photo’s from the Beliy Plaschik video shoot, behind the scenes video of Beliy Plaschik video shoot and lots more bonus content. For more information about the Beliy Plaschik Hyperion plate please visit:

Good luck to everybody who enters, and thanks for your continued support for t.A.T.u.!
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New single “220” premieres Friday!


Second t.A.T.u. single “220” will premiere in Russia on Russkoye Radio / 105.7 FM on April, 25 (Friday) in the morning show “Russian Peppers” (10-11 AM). Yulia and Lena will be the guests in the studio and will personally introduce the song

“220” will be in the Russkoye Radio exclusive rotation for 8 days.

The song “220” was recorded at Bonum Studio (Moscow) and at Sarm West Studios (London).
The music and the lyrics of the song were written by Valery Polienko.

Fresh extravagant video “220” will premiere in May. The video has already been shot and now is in post-production. It will probably be the most colorful of all t.A.T.u. videos.

The song “220” will be included in the two upcoming releases of the band – hyperion-plate “Beliy Plaschik” (released in May 2008, SOYUZ) and the Russian version of the third studio album “Upravleniye Otbrosami” (planned release – June 2008, SOYUZ)

“220” Radio Spot (download)

Tomorrow right after «Russkoye Radio» premiere the song “220” will be available at official t.A.T.u. MySpace.
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Subscribe to t.A.T.u.’s YouTube


t.A.T.u. now have an official account. Please subscribe, add to friends, and comment to support t.A.T.u. Already, they are the #5 most subscribed in Russia and the #7 most viewed in Russia. Congrats!

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t.A.T.u. advertisement for “Body and Soul”


t.A.T.u. will be performing at club “Body and Soul” in Moscow, Russia on May 10th. The official site has posted an advertisement of t.A.T.u.’s performance with a new picture of the girls.

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Interview: Russian Reporter


Where do you personally run across violence?
But we can fight violence. For example, our second album is called “Lyudi Invalidy”. We meant not physical, but moral defects. New albums’ name is “Waste Management”. Here we go again, “waste” – we can say, it’s all negative emotions, feelings and things. We wanted not only to shock people, we also tried to make them think.

»
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Minsk show canceled


Guys, Minsk show is canceled, you’ll have to return the tickets.

According to the information we’ve received from the promoter Evgeniy Stodyshniy strange things are going on with this show: Tickets are sold, but the venue refuses to pay the promoters who in their turn can’t comply with financial obligations undertaken under contract with t.A.T.u.

We’d like to add that it looks like t.A.T.u. are under some unspoken state ban in Belarus. The promoter told us today that “we’re canceling Minsk show on May 2 because we can’t build positive business relationships with local representatives”.

It’s awful that many of you spent quite a lot of money in vain and with no return. We don’t know yet what shall we undertake, but we’ll try to think something up for you at least as a moral compensation.

If you’ve spent a lot of money for this gig, please drop us an e-mail at
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Audio: Unofficial remixes from nfne

Our good friend nfne has uploaded hundreds of unofficial remixes to Remixes of songs include “All the Things She Said”, “Not Gonna Get Us”, “All About Us” and the new single “Beliy Plaschik.” Downloads are available in the “Remixes” category (and organized by song), or click here. Please do not download all of the files at once, it could create too much bandwidth. Enjoy!
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Gallery Update: “Women Against Aids” photo exhibition

Thanks to Fanta / Marina Endzhirgli

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1000 copies of “Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single sold


Tonight the first 1000 copies of the hyperion-plate «Beliy Plaschik» have been reserved at
It means two things:

- Starting from 1001st copy hyperion-plates will be just signed by Lena and Yulia

- We haven’t charged all cards yet at on-line shop payment system. Usually about 5% of transactions are declined (for a number of reasons). So there’s a chance that some numbered copies will reach people who didn’t actually expect them.

Thank you everybody – and early congratulations on getting a collectable item!
Waiting for a hyperion-plate to arrive at stock,
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Gallery Update: t.A.T.u. on “Echo Radio”


The video is also available here.

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“Women Against Aids” photo exhibition


“Eyes To Eyes. Women Against AIDS” photo exhibition by Serge Golovach opens in Moscow Polytechnic Museum on April, 10. At this exhibition a series of panoramic portraits of HIV-positive women united to draw attention to this problem will be presented. There also will be portraits of well-known women, who supported the project.

Part of the exhibition photos are published in April issue of L’Officiel magazine (Russia).
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Ticket information for Osnabrueck, Germany


Thursday, 29th May 2008
20:00 Uhr
Group t.A.T.u.
40 Euros - Parquet standing places/ 45 Euros gallery seats
Buy per call: Tel.: 0541-349024
Buy online:
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New tour dates


More t.A.T.u. performances in May

May 5 Il Mercato / Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
May 10 Club Body and Soul / Moscow, Russia
May 17 Club Skylight / San Bonifacio, Italy
May 29 Stadthalle / Osnabrueck, Germany
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Gallery Update: Sergey Lazarev’s Birthday [HQ]


Here is an exclusive HQ set from Sergey Lazarev’s Birthday presented by nfne.

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Gallery Update: Yulia in Moscow, Russia [HQ]


Here is another exclusive HQ set from Yulia in Moscow on Friday.

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Gallery Update: Russian Fashion Week [HQ]


Here is an exclusive HQ set from Russian Fashion Week.

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Video: Sergey Lazarev’s Birthday


View videoView Yulia video

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Gallery Update: Russian Fashion Week


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Gallery Update: Sergey Lazarev’s Birthday


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t.A.T.u. on Echo Radio


April 6 (Sunday) at 11:59 PM (Moscow time) t.A.T.u. will be the guests of Echo of Moscow Radio /91,2 FM/, in the music program Argentum.

On-line broadcasting is here.
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Gallery Update: “Dorogoye Udovolstviye”


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New photo for “Women Against HIV”


t.A.T.u. pose for “Women Against HIV” by Serge Golovach.

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“Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single pre-sale


April, 2 we start pre-sale of the hyperion-plate «Beliy Plaschik» at As it was promised, the first 1000 hyperion-plates will be not just signed, but also numbered by Lena and Yulia.

» Read more
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t.A.T.u. on the cover of Dorogoye Udovolstviye


t.A.T.u. grace the cover of April issue of the Russian magazine Dorogoye Udovolstviye.

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