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04/25/2008: "New Lena blog entry"

Source: Tatu.ru

Hello, guys! Well, the premiere happened! Thank you for your contradictory emotions, it’s actually cool that they all exist. I do want you to really get into our new song. «220» may seem simple only at first glance, at least to me.

I’ve read the forum… I don’t want to ignore your reaction on our fuck-ups. Artists are human beings. We also feel, get tired, worry about different things, we have problems, bad mood, break-downs… But you don’t give a fuck. And you shouldn’t. Every artist has performances that are not-so-great, and I feel really down about Dubai gig (believe me, everything’s ok with our self-critisism)… I just want to say that no matter how crazy or not-so-crazy we are on stage, we never perform without emotions.

Do you really think we have no idea about what we sing?!… I’m shocked.

Anyway. A professional must always work with 200% result. And we will work like this. Insider wrote many things that we need to work at – I’m not going to repeat them. In June we’re leaving for the US for two months to stage the show.

As for extra fat and fat ass. If you like flat girls with just skin on the bones, go watch some fashion show. Yes, I’m not skinny – and I'm proud of it. At least one can hold on to something! If anybody’s interested, my weight is only 52 kg – and has been for a very long while. And I have no extra fat. If you don’t like it – don’t look at me!

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on Sunday, April 27th, NS said

52 kilograms? What is that, 114 lbs.? I don't think Lena's fat at all, but I would have guessed a little higher than that, being that she's so full-figured (don't even pretend that you haven't noticed her... exceptional bust. LOL). Hrm. I wonder how tall she is.

on Saturday, April 26th, zephroelectro said

I admire Lena for being as open as she is when she does journals like this.

She brings up her good and bad points, and doesn't end the world because of them..she just gets on with life and does 200 percent in the next turn.

And shes really stunning, all the time :D

I think she is perfect and does not need to gain or loose any weight at all.

<3 t.A.T.u

on Friday, April 25th, Jenn said

Lena is the most beautiful human being I have ever laid my eyes on. I don't mean that in a creepy stalker-ish way, either. I just think she looks absolutely stunning.

on Friday, April 25th, Mandogg said

as if I needed further reason to fucking love Lena. you. GO. girl!