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05/11/2008: "Gallery Update: Club “Body and Soul”"

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on Tuesday, May 13th, DJ said

...yeah, can't say I believe Lena either. Sorry, but just looking at these pictures is enough to disprove that. She's always tended toward curvy, and I think she needs to accept that. Despite what she's said, her weight has visibly fluctuated over the years- she even talked about it back in the "schoolgirl" days, about how they had her lose ten pounds for some show.

on Tuesday, May 13th, NS said

I second the idea that they're 'unflattering.'

And once again, I have a hard time believing that Lena is only 114 pounds... :\ She's got the beautiful curves of someone who's about 130 or so. Hrm.

on Monday, May 12th, DJ said

The girls look cute, but wow are those outfits unflattering...

on Monday, May 12th, EHsAN From Iran said

they are nice pic...

on Sunday, May 11th, zephroelectro said

Wow, I love the color in the third pic!