Gallery Update: In Moscow (5.29.08)


Amanda on 05.30.08 @ 04:33 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: MTV Studio (05.26.08)


Amanda on 05.30.08 @ 04:31 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u. on Silver Rain Radio


Tonight, May 23 at 8 PM (Moscow time) t.A.T.u. will be the guests of Mikhail Kozirev’s program “Mishanina” on Silver Rain Radio / 100.1 FM.
Amanda on 05.23.08 @ 06:17 PM CST [link]

Video: “Beliy Plaschik” live at Tiffany’s Cafe


Lena performed alone at Tiffany’s Cafe for most of the night due to Yulia’s circulatory collapse before the show. Yulia is now fine. Thanks to Lauiii ( for the video and TaTy_DuDe ( for the upload.

Amanda on 05.22.08 @ 02:57 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Beliy Plaschik CD signing [HQ] (Moscow)


Exclusive HQ set from today’s CD signing in Moscow.

Amanda on 05.20.08 @ 02:34 PM CST [link]

Video: CD signing in Moscow


Many of you already received signed and numbered (for the fast ones) hyperion-plates through on-line shop
This is how the signing went:

Starting from today hyperion-plates are available at all SOYUZ chain (Russia).
Amanda on 05.20.08 @ 12:19 PM CST [link]

Tiffany’s cafe performance


On the May 21 t.A.T.u. are performing at Tiffany’s cafe in Saint-Petersburg.
Show time 9 PM
Amanda on 05.19.08 @ 09:38 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: ZD Festival [HQ]


Two exclusive HQ sets from ZD Festival on June 24th, 2007.

Amanda on 05.19.08 @ 05:29 AM CST [link]

Video: “White Robe” live in San Bonifacio, Italy


t.A.T.u. performed in San Bonifacio, Italy at club “Skylight” on May 17th, 2008. They performed new songs “220” and “White Robe.” Below is the video of “220” filmed by tony69. More videos are available at

Amanda on 05.18.08 @ 12:03 PM CST [link]

Video: Cannes coverage by Russia Today

Source: forum

English report by Russia Today about t.A.T.u.’s attendance at the Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2008. Thanks to RowerB, Max and TaTy_DuDe from forums.

Amanda on 05.17.08 @ 04:25 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Performance at Cannes, France [HQ]


Exclusive HQ set from performance at Cannes Film Festival in France.

Amanda on 05.16.08 @ 10:03 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Cannes Photo Call [HQ]


Exclusive HQ set from Cannes Film Festival Photo Call.

Amanda on 05.16.08 @ 02:33 PM CST [link]

“You And I” official movie site

The official site for upcoming movie “You And I” has been opened, including the official trailer with new t.A.T.u. songs “You And I”, “Time of the Moon” and “Snegopady.”

Amanda on 05.15.08 @ 03:11 PM CST [link]

Video: “Beliy Plaschik” uncensored video


The uncensored version of the “Beliy Plaschik” music video. 18+

Amanda on 05.14.08 @ 03:29 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Maxim Party at The Most Club [HQ]


Amanda on 05.12.08 @ 01:36 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Club “Body and Soul”


Amanda on 05.11.08 @ 06:09 PM CST [link]

“Beliy Plaschik” hyperion-plate review contest


It’s easy. Imagine you are a journalist of a reputable music magazine, who should be unbiased and fair. Write a review of the “White Robe” hyperion-plate. Your review is to be substantial, your position is to be reasoned.

The negative review may also be judged the best.

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Amanda on 05.09.08 @ 12:45 PM CST [more..]

Video: MTV News Block 5/09/08

Source: nfne /

MTV News Block speaks briefly about t.A.T.u.’s performance at Poklonnaya Gora on May 3, 2008, including clips from the performance and backstage at the festival. Thanks to nfne ( and Alex Taylor (

» Download video

Amanda on 05.09.08 @ 12:39 PM CST [link]

t.A.T.u. performing in Santa Clara, California


June, 6 t.A.T.u. will perform at Santa Clara, California / USA

Venue: Avalon Club (777 Lawrence Expwy, Santa Clara, CA)
Doors: 8 PM
Tickets and info: BROWNPAPERTICKETS, 1-800-838-3006

Notes from Brown Paper Tickets:
This is a 21+ event (bring valid ID).
No hats, bandannas, or sandals allowed inside.
Security will be strictly enforced.
Free parking available at the event.
If you have VIP tickets, please simply walk to the front and let the security guards know.
Amanda on 05.08.08 @ 03:05 PM CST [link]

“Beliy Plaschik” maxi-single on May 8th


On the May 8 tatu-shop starts shipping out the hyperion-plates.
First 100 items signed by Yulia and Lena and numbered with Yulia’s hand are flying to the lucky owners today.
All of the rest numbered plates will be sent out in the next few days.
You will be able to understand from the writing style whose plate was numbered by Lena and whose by Yulia.
(Of course, all numbers are unique).

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Amanda on 05.08.08 @ 03:02 PM CST [more..]

Gallery Update: May 2002 – Sofa Session [HQ]


Amanda on 05.07.08 @ 04:38 AM CST [link]

Volkatina: Graphics by Lei_Fang and Fofo

“Volkatina” is a newly opened t.A.T.u. graphic community by Lei_Fang and Fofo. It includes over 50 icons and 6 banners by the graphic makers. If you enjoyed Lei_Fang’s icons on, like we did, then you’ll enjoy this community!

Amanda on 05.06.08 @ 12:52 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Poklonnaya Gora [HQ]


First HQs from performance Poklonnaya Gora are available at EDIT: 5 more HQs have been added.

Amanda on 05.03.08 @ 04:28 PM CST [link]

Video: “220” live at Poklonnaya Gora


t.A.T.u. performed at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow, Russia on May 3, 2008, the setlist included the new single “220” which is shown below. Thanks to CNMA for recording, Odette for ripping and Adruz for uploading.

Amanda on 05.03.08 @ 02:10 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: On-set “CTC” TV show


t.A.T.u. on the set of “CTC” TV show in Moscow, Russia on April 24th, 2008.

Amanda on 05.02.08 @ 07:19 PM CST [link]

MySpace competition ends soon

Source: t.A.T.u.’s myspace

Thanks to everybody who has entered our avatar contest for the new single “220.” The competition closes today, and any entries posted after May 2nd will not be counted.

Yulia and Lena will choose the winning entries in the following days and we will announce the winners and move them into our Top 10 friends list shortly.

Thanks again for your continued support, and we hope you like the new single.

If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out on our MySpace page!
Amanda on 05.02.08 @ 01:04 PM CST [link]