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05/14/2008: "Video: “Beliy Plaschik” uncensored video"

Source: Tatu.ru

The uncensored version of the “Beliy Plaschik” music video. 18+

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on Friday, May 16th, Jenn said

I guess I am one of the few who seem to be happy with the remix. I still like the original version, but I find it very bland. Too bad they won't be playing this video on TV. I thought it was much more emotional than the last one. It makes me angry and sad. Last one just made me sad. :D

on Thursday, May 15th, Amy said

Great Video Love The Remix!! And Who Said Lena Was Fat?? She Not Fat!!

on Thursday, May 15th, Mike said

Maybe it's just me, but I didn't feel the nudity distracting at all. One might argue it's 'cause I'm gay, but I just think it's tastefully done and not "HEY, check out these tits!" like everybody is taking it.

If this were 1950 I'd definately say it was soley for shock value, and if they were attempting to regain their American audience I'd say the same. However, as an avid t.A.T.u. fan from the beginning, I can safely say that t.A.T.u. know they're never going to regain what they once had. That, coupled with the fact that this version was meant solely for the fans, I honestly feel they did it for artistic reasons... well, maybe not Yulia, hehe! ^_^

ANYWAY, I love t.A.T.u. and all they have done, and I know it frustrates a lot of the less hardcore fans that they're so lax in releasing material. But, as long as they're still around, I'll still support everything they do.

*SIDE NOTE: Actually, the entire censored version was in widescreen. That wasn't meant to start an arguement, I was just pointing it out.

on Thursday, May 15th, Sofi said

This was kind of disappointing. All it did was add some nudity. I really didn't care to see Lena's boobs. Not like i'm a super-conservative person but still I think the censored version had more..class I guess?

on Thursday, May 15th, NS said

Mike, we ARE all 'caught up in the nudity aspect.' It's hard to ignore. If you took even the most talented actresses and combined them with some of the best directors, stripping a woman down and then filming her from the waist up is going to distract people. 9/10 it's simply for uneeded shock value (unless of course the director is desperate for a male audience).

All the same camera work and editing were used in the first video--and no one was taken away from the storyline long enough to go "What the hell?" Which is why I prefer the first one to the uncensored.

Don't get me right--I'm not some psycho conservative. I just loved the dark themes and class the first video had so much that I'm... disappointed by this one.

on Thursday, May 15th, Mia said

This version fully develops the entire story, and more important it has a strong message.
The lyrics fit better. And the last two minutes are priceless.

on Thursday, May 15th, Mike said

Amazing! I'm surprised so many people don't like this video. I think they're all caught up in the nudity and not paying attention to the actual story.

In specific, pay attention to how Yulia's scenes are in widescreen and Lena's are full... mirroring the feelings of a confined criminal and a rule-enforcer doing good. And yet, when we realize a pregnant woman and her baby have been killed, it switches, and Lena is in widescreen, showcasing who the real evil was.

on Wednesday, May 14th, NS said

I didn't actually care much for this version of the video. The nudity was pointless--having some blood or a quick shot of Yulia's body after the guns went off would have made more of an emotional impact on the audience. Seeing the girls' boobs just posed as a cheap distraction. No brownie points from me.

And I'm kind of split on whether or not I liked the idea of people watching the murder scene from above. I think the first video makes the Yulia/Lena relationship a lot more personal with having only the two girls in the room (alongside shooters, of course).

The censored version was a lot better.

on Wednesday, May 14th, Sam said

Wow. That was waaaayyyy more explicit than I imagined. I wasn't expecting nudity, but blood and death. I liked the video overall. Maybe they could have used an extended version of the song rather than the remix.
Loved it when she flipped 'em her birds. Her face was too cute, even if she was angry.

on Wednesday, May 14th, Lauren said

I was hoping they would show a dead and bloody Yulia and fetus.

on Wednesday, May 14th, Kiwi said

I love it... and the remix, too. I seem to be the only one, but oh well. Just got my single today! Number eighteen. :D I am so excited.

on Wednesday, May 14th, Mia said

Love the video. I don't like the remix tho.

on Wednesday, May 14th, meli said

the video is similar to the censured version i like this one too...personally, seeing lena like that is a great plus!!! cant wait to download it

on Wednesday, May 14th, DJ said

Video rocked, this version of the song sucked. It sounded like a bad amateur remix. The fingers were cute, though. I suspect Yulia is one of those people cursed to just look cuter and cuter as they get angrier...

on Wednesday, May 14th, Sarah said

Interesting, Lena is very beautiful and I like this uncensored video
I just wish they would have used the regular song and that they had just extended it (the song I mean)
Because this version is well..it doesn't suit it.
With the regular version all the emotions would have come out better and the laughing of the people and such..

on Wednesday, May 14th, Claire said

Hmm.. not so good. naked lena is hot, of course, but the song sounds verrrrrrry bad and the video... nothing special. dont get me wrong, i LOVE that earlier version of the song but uncensored version of the video was... hmm, nothing new.

on Wednesday, May 14th, zephroelectro said

This rocks!
I love the bit where Yulia pulls the fingers..and well, many other bits too :D

on Wednesday, May 14th, Torp said

That was so cool! Hope they are going to air that on tv!