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05/15/2008: "“You And I” official movie site"

The official site for upcoming movie “You And I” has been opened, including the official trailer with new t.A.T.u. songs “You And I”, “Time of the Moon” and “Snegopady.”

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on Friday, May 16th, DJ said

Given the low budget, perhaps a new tagline? "From Russia With Twenty Rubles". I think it was just the very dramatic, serious voiceover combined with the acting that had me laughing so hard... Unless I'm misreading this and it isn't actually meant to be taken seriously and is some sort of self-parody deal... but I think t.A.T.u. are too high-minded to do anything like that.

on Friday, May 16th, Lauren said

Eek. Judging by the trailer, it look low budget. I'm not surprised though.

on Friday, May 16th, Jenn said


I'm not really looking forward to the movie, but I can't wait to see that very last part! I could watch it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day. God, it's so stupid. Throw rocks at me if you want, but you have to admit it's freakin' hilarious. (And LOL at DJ below.)

on Friday, May 16th, DJ said

The music sounds great but that acting... *giggles* Oh, I know I'll have to see it anyway, there's no debate there, but seriously guys. They would have scored more points in this trailer if they didn't feel obligated to drag out the very, very tired "From Russia With Love" line. I was waiting for it the entire time, and there it was...

on Friday, May 16th, Sarah said

OMG, I can't wait!!

on Thursday, May 15th, zephroelectro said

Haha damn, I chose the worst week to be capped XD

on Thursday, May 15th, Kiwi said

Fantastic! I can't wait for it. :D

on Thursday, May 15th, Mia said

Amazing. I can't wait to see it.

on Thursday, May 15th, Mike said

ZOMFG, that makes me so excited for the movie! The story looks really good and the music sounds spectacular!