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05/22/2008: "Video: “Beliy Plaschik” live at Tiffany’s Cafe"

Source: YouTube.com

Lena performed alone at Tiffany’s Cafe for most of the night due to Yulia’s circulatory collapse before the show. Yulia is now fine. Thanks to Lauiii (tatysite.net) for the video and TaTy_DuDe (tatysite.net) for the upload.

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on Wednesday, May 28th, ManuHe2006 said

Im wondering... when they realease the video for 220? We are at 28th of May? Anybody knows??

on Sunday, May 25th, Jenn said

lol. All I can see are he massive boobs. :p

on Sunday, May 25th, coco said

I would have wanted to hear properly Lena singing Julia´s part. If someone knows a link from where I can hear it better please let me know :)

on Friday, May 23rd, Sarah said

Love Lena :)
But on the end she looked like she wasn't feeling so well and put her hand on her head.
Lena is good with Yulia..but she's good solo too!! <3

on Thursday, May 22nd, Erica said

Yulia had a circulatory collapse? as in what happened exactly? How come there isn't a detailed story on this?

on Thursday, May 22nd, Mia said

Lena rocks but stupid fans singing over the music is terrible and annoying.