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05/30/2008: "Gallery Update: In Moscow (5.29.08)"

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on Thursday, June 5th, Justyna said

lena looks so sad :/
IF PARVIZ WAS NOT IN THE WAY, her and yu;ia would be holding hands and laughing like in all of their other pictures :[
God, parviz go fall into a hole -_-
you totally killed everything.
but if yulias happy...

on Sunday, June 1st, DJ said

Can't say I've ever met the guy, obviously, but more than attractive or unattractive physically, he strikes me as a very strong personality. I mean, how much did Yulia change after she met him? She went from strong and wild to "I'm sooooooo in love" baby-mama in nothing flat.

on Saturday, May 31st, Rai said

Am I the only one who thinks yulia's boyfriend is like...not hot? not to be mean, i just think yulia could do better.

on Saturday, May 31st, Jessica said


on Saturday, May 31st, Jenn said

Awww. They look so depressed. lolz.

DUDE! I don't know where this thought came from, but the three of them need their own TV show. Like Three's Company! Only in Russian!