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06/29/2008: "Voting and request list for “220”"

Source: Tatugirls.it

Below is a voting and request list for t.A.T.u.’s new single “220” compiled by Max (tatugirls.it). Please re-post this list on all t.A.T.u. fansites and forums and translate it into other languages as necessary.

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Guys, we all need to vote and request “220” on all Russian radios as many times as we can. That’s the only thing we can do to help t.A.T.u. at the moment. As we could understand from Insider’s posts that radios and TV channels are trying to boycott our favorite group by not broadcasting their songs just because they are independent. We need to request their new song “220” everywhere so that it is added to rotations and gets airplays. These are the most famous Russian radio stations, we’ll tell you where and how to request.

These two music channels, as we know, refused to broadcast the “220” video. We all know that MuzTV always loved t.A.T.u., they aired t.A.T.u. Expedition, the St. Petersburg concert, and a lot of programs about our group. Now they said they are not interested in t.A.T.u. anymore. But we are. Let’s start A HEAVY REQUEST OF “220” on MUZTV by copying this message of protest “Dobav'te novyj klip gruppy t.A.T.u. – 220, pozhalujsta” at hitlist@muz-tv.ru and top10@mtv.ru.

Russian Radio (the premiere of “220” happened here, but now they don’t broadcast the song anymore)


Scroll the page down and click on the “ON-LINE GOLOSOVANIE” link. Locate two text-fields at the middle-left area of the page. “Ispolnitel”=“Artist”; “Nazvanie kompozicii”=“Name of the song”. Fill-in the fields and click the red button “Otpravit” (Send). The white button “Ochistit” is for “Erase”.

Europa Plus


Select at least one of the artists from the list and paste «t.A.T.u. – 220» into the text-field underneath the listing. Click “Golosovat”=“Vote”.



“Imja”=“Name”; “Zajavka”=“Request” (Paste «t.A.T.u. – 220» there). Then click “OTPRAVIT ZAJAVKU” below the request-field.



This should be enough to make 220 hit radios and music channels. Please vote as many times as you can everyday at every hour. Spasibo.

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on Thursday, July 31st, Project BodegA said

Hi !

We are from Poland. We would like to present you cover T.A.T.U 30 Minut.
Have a fun :)

Greetings: "Project BodegA"

on Saturday, July 12th, Nastya said

whoops, copy and paste because it opens in the same page x_X

on Saturday, July 12th, Nastya said

Ok so I'm still working on it but check this out y'all:


:) Tell me what you think!


on Saturday, July 12th, Nastya said

We should all march around with homemade tee-shirts that say "Мы любим Т.а.т.у"
We love tatu!
(i hope that was right, if its not I blame google translator :))

on Friday, July 11th, Keeli Monroe said

Heh, "t.A.T.u. Army". That has a ring to it. :)
March forward, we shall! We need to let the world know that we still love t.A.T.u.!!!!!!!

on Monday, July 7th, Nasya said


There is the link for TRL
I've requested "220","All The Things She Said" so far! I'm trying to get as many of their videos on the air as I can! I'm just hoping they get played. Maybe they'll even get on TRL again? Who knows? That would be VERY awesome. It would be cool to see them on American TV, cause I never see them.

on Monday, July 7th, Nastya said

Sarah: I think I will do just that :) Why not? Get them on as many stations as possible!

on Wednesday, July 2nd, Amy said

t.A.t.u Posted this as a bulletins on YouTube!

***Vote for t.A.T.u. in chart of "Channel One" TV (Russia)
Support t.A.T.u. by voting in the chart of Channel One Russia here:

1) Locate the line "T.A.T.U./ Beliy Plaschik
2) mark it with radiobutton,
3) scroll the page down to the very bottom,
4) click the grey button underneath the list of artists, that reads like "Проголосовать!"

Voting period: 12AM Monday through 12AM Thursday (Moscow time).

T.h.a.n.k. y.o.u. !!!***

on Tuesday, July 1st, Russki_Wannabe said

Heck yes! March forward, soldiers of the t.A.T.u. army! =D

on Monday, June 30th, Leo said

let's make them sound really LOUD!
t.A.T.u. 4ever!

on Monday, June 30th, anon said

does anyone know when their new CD is coming out?

on Monday, June 30th, Janette said

dont worry i'll get the word out t.A.T.u. rox my sox

on Monday, June 30th, Sarah said

Nastya, why don't you request them there as well XD?

on Monday, June 30th, irantatu said

tatu is all our love...we have a persian blog and we post all these new news u put in this blog...dont worry!we support u...kisses

on Sunday, June 29th, zephroelectro said

great stuff Amanda, will vote as much as possible :)

on Sunday, June 29th, Nastya said

Ok xD I requested them many times! I really hope they start showing them, I feel bad they don't!

I certainly wish they would show them on american MTV!

on Sunday, June 29th, Jenn said

This is so weird. The one time they come out with a song and video that's barely controversial, they decide not to play it? Whatever.

I'll do the best I can, even though I don't speak Russian. I'll also post a link to this news update in a LiveJournal Tatu community.

'Tis all for now. MWUAH!

on Sunday, June 29th, tatu-rock said

Hey Amanda ! thanks for this . i did it in my persian blog . t.A.T.u rocks ! Let's start our heavy support !