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08/30/2008: "Yulia will marry Parviz Yasinov!"

Source: Life.ru

Life.ru reports that Yulia’s long-time boyfriend, Parviz Yasinov, has proposed while on vacation in Sochi, Russia. Congratulations, Yulia! We hope you and Parviz have a wonderful marriage and life together. Read the full story here and watch the video below. Thanks to Argos (tatysite.net).

Yulya Volkova Married! The Fiance of Yulya Volkova Asked Her For Her Hand In Sochi!

The most shocking singer of the domestic show-business, Yulya Volkova and her husband, the 23 year old businessman Parviz called themselves a married couple for a long time, but formally the young people live and bring up a child in a civil marriage. Just today the old admirer of the “tatugirl” gave her officially the offer of hand and heart.

“I agree”, answered Volkova.

Sochi stood still in expectation.

“Oh f*ck!”, without being ashamed of the expressions the colleagues of Volkova and Yasinov commented.

The romance

The pair arrived in Sochi today in the morning. Different to the participants and guests of the contest “Five Stars" who swarm the city today in dark nights Yulya and Parviz remained in the hotel “Lazurnaya”, where they spent this day, enjoying the sun at a private beach.

In the evening the spectators already induldged themselves from what they have seen. How beautifully and spectacularly Parviz asked the beloved for her hand. French kisses in the hall of the hotel and exalted mood, perhaps exactly what the festival lacked, they received from the unexpected guests Volkova and Yasinov. In judgement of the collegues Yulya appeared in a chic black mini-dress and in a superb mood. Parviz was today the personification of agitation. Always modest in public today the fiance of the famous singer overtopped himself. It seems such energy and such passion didn't even the closest friends expect from him.

“It’s sex, it’s passion, it’s rock 'n' roll!”, stated Parviz.

This, the forthcoming marriage, became obvious for the eyewitnesses.

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on Monday, September 1st, tatu-rock said

wow thanks Amanda for the news . congratulations to Yul ! can you post me the download link of this video ? in forum plz ?

on Monday, September 1st, Nastya said

Aww well big congratulations to yulia! I hope this is an amazing time for her!

on Sunday, August 31st, Amanda said

I understand everyone’s concern, but Tatu.ru never stated that September 1st was the official release date for UO, so if it is not released tomorrow, it won’t a postponement from the management. Furthermore, the album will not be postponed because of Yulia’s wedding and honeymoon, because it doesn’t take long to do both.

on Sunday, August 31st, meg said

I'm happy for them...
...but how many of you want to bet the album will now be postponed even more.....

on Sunday, August 31st, Amie said


*agrees with Jenn*

It's not that I'm not happy for Yulia, but it's not right. Not only was he already married, but wth. Ugh, it's hard to explain this without opinions clashing.

Thats just how t.A.T.u. is. -__-

on Saturday, August 30th, Lauren said


on Saturday, August 30th, Amanda said

We already knew that Yulia planned to marry Parviz in the summer (although, I've forgotten where I read this), so I’m nothing but happy for them! I can’t wait to see our beautiful Yulia in a wedding dress (assuming that wedding photos leak). I have always wanted to see Yulia and Lena in wedding dresses. I think I would probably cry too – yes, I’m a softy, leave me alone!

on Saturday, August 30th, Jenn said

And there goes the tears rolling down the entire t.A.T.u. fanbase's face. :p