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09/13/2008: "Video: Barcadi B-Live"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

t.A.T.u. performed at music festival Barcadi B-LIVE in Moscow, Russia on September 12, 2008. New songs “You and I”, “Vremya Luni”, “Ne Zhaley” and “220” from the upcoming 3rd Russian album were performed. Below is the performance of the new single “You and I”. Thanks to Fanta (tatu.ru). Note: No video for “Ne Zhaley” has been posted yet. Click here to read more.

1. Intro
2. Loves Me Not
3. You and I
4. Friend or Foe
5. 220
6. Show Me Love
7. All About Us
8. Vremya Luni
9. Ne Zhaley
10. Ne Ver, Ne Boysia
11. Nas Ne Dogonyat
12. Not Gonna Get Us
12. All The Things She Said
Encore: You and I

“Vremya Luni” performance

“220” performance

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on Friday, September 19th, Justyn said

ah i love them (:

on Sunday, September 14th, Mimy said

I love t.A.T.u. they're divine ^^

on Sunday, September 14th, lina said

I´m from sweden and i just wanted to say that i like this tatu site a lot good work :P

on Sunday, September 14th, Jenn said

Amander to the rescue!

on Saturday, September 13th, Robbert said

sorry for posting that twice amanda!

Amanda: No problem! Fixed it for you.

on Saturday, September 13th, Robbert said

ive figured it out. they are pulling an opposite. by that i mean, the russian version, i think yulia will sing all the russian verses while lena sings the chrous's. on the english i think lena will sing all the verses while yulia does the oposite. the reason i think this is cause Vremya luni in english, the verses were by lena while the chorus was done by yulka. so i really do think this is how it will be. and the vremya luni perfor. sounds so much better live! idk why, but it just does

on Saturday, September 13th, Ryan said

STUNNIN... all i can say, STUNNIN. i may be gay but they r steamin hot and i would really liek to put my khram in their balloon knots ;)