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09/17/2008: "Lena interview with Europa Plus"

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Getting back to ďYou and IĒ, are you shooting any video for it?

Lena: No, we are not shooting a video because this song is connected to the movie ďYou and I.Ē The movie should be released sometime in spring 2009. Yes, at least it is planned so, but unfortunately it doesnít depend on us. Maybe weíll do something with this song in connection with the movie release.

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Lena: In order to get the idea of the album you need first to hear it. As for the release, we plan to get around and release it in September. How it will be weíll see.

We hope to have the premier of the album here on Europa Plus. Now about the album title, how was it born? If Iím not mistaken the first title was Waste Management. Why is it Happy Smiles now? Is it one of the songs or not?

Lena: Yes, itís one of the songs too. Waste Management is a long story. We were in Los Angeles for a photoshoot and saw a sign Waste Management. It was big white concrete letters on a beautifully cut green loan. Waste Management letters and how it was presented didnt fit to each other and we decided that that is maybe what we need at the moment. Why we changed the album title? Because they said they were fed up by Ludi Invalidy (Disabled People). They said everything was dark and depressive. So we thought, if you are fed up by Ludi Invalidy and Waste Management, then here you can get Happy Smiles. Itís irony of course, an ironic title.

Who told you they were fed up by Ludi Invalidy?

Lena: There were some reviews like, arenít you tired of this? All your Ludi Invalidy and now Waste Management? I understand itís a never-ending story. We decided to give such an ironic title so everyone would like it and to keep it in a conventional way.

As for being conventional. The release is soon but strangely you are very seldom on TV and radio air. Why?

Lena: Because they say we are non-format. Because our videos are not conventional. Itís ok to air all kinds of shit and itís not ok to air us.

As for videos. I think Bely Plaschik (White Robe) wasnít accepted, right?

Lena: It was aired a bit but then it was taken off air. Now it looks like they put it on again. 220 was generally refused by all music channels. It didnít make to the radio either because they said the song had suicidal meaning.

Getting back to You And I. Are you shooting any video for it?

Lena: No, we are not shooting a video because this song is connected to the movie You And I. The movie should be released sometime in spring 2009. Yes. At least it is planned so but unfortunately it doesnt depend on us. Maybe well do something with this song in connection with the movie release. Soon we are going to release a new video to a totally different song our next single from this album. So, as for a video for You And I, I cant really tell anything.

Are your new videos going to be as before? Serious, provocative pictures?

Lena: The video is practically ready. You are going to see. I think it will be again something new. We are always experimenting.

What this song You And I is about? What emotions are living in there? What emotions do you have?

Lena: I have only one emotion. The song is about love, as usual. We canít do any other way, only about love (giggles).

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on Saturday, September 20th, JuliaLenaFan said

XD you gotta love t.A.T.u.!! They are always coming out with new stuff for us. They never let their fans down. Thanks so much for the news Lena! I can't wait for their new album and movie. 2009 is too far lol but I would wait an eternity for these girls! XD They are just awesome!

on Friday, September 19th, GenGen said

lena is awsome, i love her w. a passion =D
and yulia

on Friday, September 19th, Samely said

ahh i cannot wait for the movie! 2009 is too far =(

i liked the waste management album better,
the album cover was AWSOME and so was the title.
oh well, i'll learn to live with it i guess

on Friday, September 19th, Justyna said

i personally liked the title WASTE MANAGMENT
basically because its t.A.T.u. like, very kick ass and such (:

and those reviewers should shut up, lyudi invalid was an awsome album!!

I LOVE t.A.T.u.

cant wait for the movie (:

on Thursday, September 18th, Amie said

I think they just dislike t.A.T.u.

They always find some reason not to play their songs and videos.

I love t.A.T.u. so very much. <333

on Thursday, September 18th, Mike said

Good news! The album is coming soon and I really hope 'Snegopadi' is the next single/video like rumours have suggested.

Also, I had a feeling that was why they chose 'Happy Smiles' as the title... I think most t.A.T.u. fans picked up on that one.

on Thursday, September 18th, Ryan said

OMG somnething New :D i like sound of that, SPRING 2009 thats a bit dissapointing tho but meh i can wait for the movie, and the album ;) September is now lol so wher is the feckin album :0 i want it now :'( , thanks Lena for the news :)