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10/03/2008: "Video: “White Robe” and “220” at Viva Comet"

Source: Tatugirls.it

t.A.T.u. performed at the 2008 Viva Comet Awards in Poland on October 2nd, 2008. Below is the video for the performances of “White Robe” and “220.” Thanks to tatugirls.it and Fanta (tatu.ru).

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on Saturday, October 4th, Ali said

Ouch. Not good performance at all. As for the audience making them perform better, um, tatu are artists, they are supposed to perform well no matter what. It is their profession, it's their job to perform well.

on Saturday, October 4th, ryan said

i do recall tatu mentioning something about audiance energy being their drive. teh girls say that when teh audiance are energetic the girls use taht energy and give a good performance, and i knwo this to be true, teh bacardi b gig had alot of screaming fans and teh girls were fantastic, the audiance here were dull boring SHIT!. so they dint put as much energy into it. i know they can do better but encourage teh girls and they will give you what you want :)

on Saturday, October 4th, coco said

Yes, not a very good performance! They really, really need to work on some stuff (like singing)...And please stop the "off the jackets"-routine and get new outfits, it´s getting quite old. Why can´t they get someone proper to plan their live shows? it could be so much more fun.

on Friday, October 3rd, DJ said

That was... painful. What happened to this triumphant comeback? There was no energy and the singing was _terrible_. What did they do for the Bacardi concert, specially record "live" versions of the set-list and use playback?