Video: t.A.T.u. arriving at Love Radio


t.A.T.u. appeared on Love Radio today at 15:00 in Moscow, Russia. The interview transcript will be posted if and when available. Thanks to Fanta (

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t.A.T.u. interview for «The 7 premieres»


By the way, why Happy Smiles? As I understand the initial title was Waste Management.
Yulia: Many journalists always said “Girls, why are your albums called Lyudi Invalidy, Waste Management – always depressive?” So we made it ironic – if you want happy, here you have Happy Smiles. When you open the box you see letters WM, i.e. Waste Management.

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Gallery Update: Vesyolye Ulybki CD Signing [HQ]


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“Veselye Ulybki” lyrics added


The English lyrics and translations of tracks from t.A.T.u.’s new album “Veselye Ulybki” / “Happy Smiles” are now available in our lyrics section. Thanks to and

Amanda on 10.24.08 @ 07:40 AM CST [link] forum t-shirt design


Guys, here’s the design of the t-shirts we saw on the girls yesterday, for those who haven’t find their nicknames. The idea was very sudden, and there was no enough time for objectivity, so no offense to those, who haven’t find himself, the list will be updated, and the t-shirts will be available at the TATU-SHOP, and will be in much better quality. would like to thank t.A.T.u.’s management for including our forum name “all-my-love” on the list, and most importantly, t.A.T.u. for wearing the t-shirt! Congratulations to all of the other forum members who were included!

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Gallery Update: Vesyolye Ulybki CD Signing


Thanks to Yushenkov (

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t.A.T.u. on Radio 7


Tomorrow, October 23, 8 - 10 PM (Moscow time) t.A.T.u. will be the guests of the Vladimir Polupanov’s program «The 7 premieres» on «Radio 7» 104.7 FM.
Vladimir Polupanov is AiF newspaper music observer.

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New album released on Tuesday – it’s official!


t.A.T.u.’s third studio album “Happy Smiles” will be released October 21 (Tuesday). The first copies of the album will be delivered to two “SOYUZ” stores situated on Pyatnitskaya St. and Leninskiy Prospect, 11. On this day we’ll be giving special posters to the first buyers of “Happy Smiles” in Lelinskiy Prospect store (the number of posters is limited)!

In a few weeks “Happy Smiles” will be distributed among other stores.

Please don’t forget the 50 roubles discount coupon from the hyperion-plate “Beliy Plaschik” – it will be valid! We remind you that in “SOYUZ” stores “Happy Smiles” will cost 299 roubles.

On the release day at 9PM t.A.T.u. will welcome all the fans at the photo-and-signing session at “SOYUZ” store on Leninskiy Prospect, 11. Everybody will have a chance to sign their albums and have a professional picture together with t.A.T.u.!

Please take into account that the photo-and-signing session will last no more than two hours – please come early.

“Happy Smiles” is now available for purchase at
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New Lena diary entry


Hey, it’s me! Decided to react on your call and write something. By the way, awesome poem, really liked it. And of course thank you for congratulations! I just feel so happy! At least one day in a year I hear only compliments I celebrated, as you know, absolutely quietly, with the closest people. But somehow I have so many gifts!

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Gallery Update: Interview after Comet


t.A.T.u. was interviewed by “Plejada” after the 2008 Viva Comet Awards. Thanks to k.O.K.o. (

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Gallery Update: Lena’s 24th Birthday


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Lena Katina is 24!


Today Lena Katina is 24!

T.h.a.n.k.y.o.u. each and everyone for your congratulations from all around the world, for sweet b-day wishes, poems, cards, drawings, videos and even special "b-day blogs", sites sections and avatar collections!

This time Lena’s birthday takes place in “working atmosphere” – t.A.T.u. are undertaking promo-activities in Poland during the last days of their visit to this country.


Thank you, for including our Lena birthday page in the latest news entry. We will always love and support you, Lena. Happy Birthday!
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Gallery Update: Viva Comet Awards 2008 [HQ]


Edit: Added an additional 4 images

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Video: “White Robe” and “220” at Viva Comet


t.A.T.u. performed at the 2008 Viva Comet Awards in Poland on October 2nd, 2008. Below is the video for the performances of “White Robe” and “220.” Thanks to and Fanta (

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Lena birthday page

We’ve opened our birthday page for Lena one day early so you can get a head start on submitting your graphics and messages for Lena. We hope you like the page. Thanks to Fofo from Volkatina for the graphic.

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Two years online

AllMyLove.Org was opened on October 1st, 2006 – two years ago today! We have set up a small page with information regarding the site, including history and past layouts. We have achieved so much in these two years that we want to thank you all for. Please join in on the discussion at our forum.

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