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10/15/2008: "New album released on Tuesday – it’s official!"

Source: Tatu.ru

t.A.T.u.’s third studio album “Happy Smiles” will be released October 21 (Tuesday). The first copies of the album will be delivered to two “SOYUZ” stores situated on Pyatnitskaya St. and Leninskiy Prospect, 11. On this day we’ll be giving special posters to the first buyers of “Happy Smiles” in Lelinskiy Prospect store (the number of posters is limited)!

In a few weeks “Happy Smiles” will be distributed among other stores.

Please don’t forget the 50 roubles discount coupon from the hyperion-plate “Beliy Plaschik” – it will be valid! We remind you that in “SOYUZ” stores “Happy Smiles” will cost 299 roubles.

On the release day at 9PM t.A.T.u. will welcome all the fans at the photo-and-signing session at “SOYUZ” store on Leninskiy Prospect, 11. Everybody will have a chance to sign their albums and have a professional picture together with t.A.T.u.!

Please take into account that the photo-and-signing session will last no more than two hours – please come early.

“Happy Smiles” is now available for purchase at shop.taty.ru.

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on Thursday, October 23rd, Torpe said

I agree with liz.. The album was kinda a let-down! Running blind, was okey but im not in to the "Powerpuff girls" drums.. Sounds so I realy dont know! But I love them and hope there are some diferent songs on the English version!!

on Thursday, October 23rd, Torpe said

I agree with liz.. The album was kinda a let-down! Running blind, was okey but im not in to the "Powerpuff girls" drums.. Sounds so I realy dont know! But I love them and hope there are some diferent songs on the English version!!

on Wednesday, October 22nd, Colby Fisher said

I LOVE IT!!! *tears running down face* Beautiful. Running Blind is amazing and so is Fly on the Wall.. Martian Eyes is.. interesting.. The acoustic guitar is different for a space theme. I lurve you all! Feel free to say hi, I get bored and lonely over here in Seattle.

on Wednesday, October 22nd, Daniel said

I hate that Veselye Ulybki was instrumental!
But I love Running Blind and Fly On the Wall!

Actually, Fly On the Wall sounds pretty Americanised.. if you know what I mean.. it's so un t.A.T.u. like...
But I still love it.

Oh yeah, I'm having that confirmation trouble too!
I really do hope I get the album! =(

on Tuesday, October 21st, Anon said

Love the album, fly on the wall is definalty the best song. hopefully they will tour soon, can't wait to see some of these songs live

on Tuesday, October 21st, Amie said

I love it.
I love love love it!

on Tuesday, October 21st, Sabrina said

I really really love it! Especially Fly on the wall. Yulias Voice is awesome. I can't get enough. Hope they soon come to Germany, wanna see them live! :D
Never thought this Album would be so wonderful, but it is! 100000%! Hope the 2 lovely girls will gift us more songs the next years. Can't describe how much i love them!
Lg Sabrina

on Tuesday, October 21st, liz said

i'm pretty suprised that they put it on itunes. i think the album is ok...they only good track on there is fly on the wall. i expected better!

on Tuesday, October 21st, Chris said

OMG Fly on the Wall is perfect!!

on Tuesday, October 21st, Chrissy said

im from the uk and i orded it as soon as it was available on their site
but i havent had a email cofirming my order !

anyone else had this trouble ?

on Tuesday, October 21st, Chris said

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love their new album! Every freaking song I love. I ordered the signed copy of the album off the tatu shop and bought it on iTunes as well :D

on Tuesday, October 21st, DJ said

IT'S BRILLIANT. The whole thing. I'm blown away. USA here they come...

on Tuesday, October 21st, M!KE said

zOMG, I so agree... 'Fly On The Wall' is simply amazing... they definately need to make it a single for the English version of the album!

on Tuesday, October 21st, Torpe said

Fly on the wall is beautiful! I FUCKING LOVE IT It gave me chills!

on Monday, October 20th, tatyfan said

finalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly ..

thanx tatu ..thanx thanx

on Saturday, October 18th, sebas said

Finally! i order 2 HS! i really want to have the albumm im so happyyyy

on Saturday, October 18th, Robbert said

omfg go to this now! official snegopady!

on Saturday, October 18th, Ryan said

i ordered 3 copies wooooooooo. i live in teh uk so it was on the shop at 9pm yesterday n i was biting my fingernails off waitin for it. but now im happy with happy smiles :D

on Friday, October 17th, Daniel said

You can already buy it on the t.A.T.u. site!
I already ordered mine!!

on Friday, October 17th, ME said

I wanna hear if they Autotuned every song like You & I... I hope not. Can't wait till someone uploads it.

on Friday, October 17th, tatyforever said

wow!!!! the russian version is gonna be released already!!! i hope the english version comes out soon!!!!!!

on Thursday, October 16th, JuliaLenaFan said


on Thursday, October 16th, Amie said

It's gonna sell like a million copies in the first second.

on Thursday, October 16th, Robbert said

Very well said Liz. I can't afford to go to a Soyuz shop let alone russia. And yeah. Downloading it from the internet is what i'm going to do. But i am going to buy the english album when it gets to america.

on Wednesday, October 15th, liz said

you know i just thought about this. they should of done what radiohead did: pay whatever you want and download the album. having this, you don't have to go to russia or pay $60 dollars from the tatu shop to get it.

on Wednesday, October 15th, Ryan said

wupeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... Ryan is a happy Boy. tbh i wasnt expecting it at all this year. i really... REALLY!!! hope they promote this album and at least try to make them famous again :D. i love tatu so much to just sit back n wotch them fail. tATu 4eva (Y) xxx

on Wednesday, October 15th, liz said

i;m going to get the album ob ebay. i highly doubt they'll sell it on their website.

on Wednesday, October 15th, DJ said

Took 'em long enough! I guess I'll have to buy it through tatu.ru...

on Wednesday, October 15th, Zephro aka Ryan said


Aww I want to ditch here and go over to the stores that will have it first and attend the signing and photos!

It will take so long if not never to get to my country. I might have to get it through the tatu store :D


on Wednesday, October 15th, Amanda said


on Wednesday, October 15th, Ali said

YAY! Finally!!!