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10/24/2008: "Tatu.ru forum t-shirt design"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Guys, hereís the design of the t-shirts we saw on the girls yesterday, for those who havenít find their nicknames. The idea was very sudden, and there was no enough time for objectivity, so no offense to those, who havenít find himself, the list will be updated, and the t-shirts will be available at the TATU-SHOP, and will be in much better quality.

AllMyLove.org would like to thank t.A.T.u.ís management for including our forum name ďall-my-loveĒ on the list, and most importantly, t.A.T.u. for wearing the t-shirt! Congratulations to all of the other forum members who were included!

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on Tuesday, October 28th, JuliaLenaFan said


on Sunday, October 26th, Shanty said

when these tees come out
i am so buying one<3