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10/24/2008: "“Veselye Ulybki” lyrics added"

Source: Tatysite.net/forum, tatu.ru/forum

The English lyrics and translations of tracks from t.A.T.u.’s new album “Veselye Ulybki” / “Happy Smiles” are now available in our lyrics section. Thanks to tatysite.net/forum and tatu.ru/forum.

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on Monday, October 27th, Robbert said

does anyone know where i could get the russian .pdf digital booklet at? i hate that people messed with it and made it into th elatin alphabet. i love cyrillic and can read it. so if anybody has it, please tell me and try to give it to me

on Friday, October 24th, Amanda said

LOL, Mazapan, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed!

on Friday, October 24th, Sabrina said

Thanks for the Lyrics!
lg sabrina

on Friday, October 24th, Mazapan said

Eh there's missin' the first verse of "fly on the wall"

When You're Naked
In the shower

e_e; i know it's like nothin' important but eh hehe