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02/19/2009: "Our birthday page for Yulia"

Dear Yulia Volkova,
We wish you a happy 24th birthday. We hope that you have both personal and career success in the upcoming year. We are grateful for the entertainment you have provided and continue to provide us. We admire your talent as a musician, your beauty as a woman, and your strength as a person. We hope that you remember that your fans are here to love and support you.

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on Tuesday, February 24th, guillermo said

dear jenn! thanks for call me cute! and why i am cut? ok thanks! i need help if amanda could read this!

on Monday, February 23rd, t.A.T.u. Boy said

If that guy is going to troll, he could at least try to be good at it.

Being a veteran of various message boards, I can say that Jorge needs to learn a few things about being a talented troll. Heck, I could do better than that. :P

on Sunday, February 22nd, Jenn said

Oh geez. t.A.T.u. fansite competition! Things are getting nasty. (see below)

on Sunday, February 22nd, jorge said

I am sooo jealous!!!

on Saturday, February 21st, Jenn said

Guillermo, you're so cute. You made my day. (And Yulia's.) :)

on Saturday, February 21st, Sofia said

Happy Birthday Juls :3

on Saturday, February 21st, Patrick Fischer said

Happy Birthday Yulia!
I wish you a wonderful Birthday. And i Hope your Dreams come true

on Friday, February 20th, guillermo said

segonapady_making the love!

marsainky glaza: lonely pretty boy

chelovisky: tellings secrets

Nezaley: i forgive!

on Friday, February 20th, guillermo! said

hello amanda i wanna tell you that I need help I`VE writenn the english version of Senogpady,220,marsianky glaza,chelovishky, NE Zhaley. which names are, <220=220
please i need your help. i want tatu would siing it! that is my wish! because these lyrics are about love! and confessions!
please write me soon if you can!

on Thursday, February 19th, Elise said

Happy Birthday Yulia! Hope you have a wonderful day today, good luck with everything this year :D