Yulia and Parviz in Glazia magazine

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On the eve of St. Valentine’s Day, Grazia Magazine has asked seven brightest couples in Moscow about their plans, how will they celebrate this holiday.

Yulia: “We actually don't know yet if we celebrate this St. Valentine’s Day. It’s not that important to us as a birthdays or New Year. We think courtesies and presents are great in any day, no matter if it’s a holiday or not.”

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Amanda on 02.28.09 @ 04:44 PM CST [link]

Our birthday page for Yulia

Dear Yulia Volkova,
We wish you a happy 24th birthday. We hope that you have both personal and career success in the upcoming year. We are grateful for the entertainment you have provided and continue to provide us. We admire your talent as a musician, your beauty as a woman, and your strength as a person. We hope that you remember that your fans are here to love and support you.

Amanda on 02.19.09 @ 03:01 PM CST [link]

Happy Birthday, Yulia!

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Today our volchitsa Yulia turns 24!

Yul'ka, we love you and wish you happiness!

t.A.T.u. Team

*All birthday wishes in Russian and in English will be forwarded to the birthday girl.

Amanda on 02.19.09 @ 02:38 PM CST [link]

Video: Lena on Valentine’s Day

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Lena: “When I was at school, no one was giving me a valentine. Therefore, nothing unexpected happens, everything goes very smoothly. Regarding gifts, I do not need Valentine’s Day, I just like to give presents.”

Amanda on 02.15.09 @ 08:29 AM CST [link]

Valentine’s Day page

We have created a page for Valentine’s Day with a great selection of exclusive HQ photos, fan videos, and graphics. Happy Valentine’s Day from allmylove.org! Note: You can contribute your graphic by e-mailing us at contact[at]allmylove.org.

Amanda on 02.14.09 @ 08:38 AM CST [link]

Valentine’s Day message

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We wish you to meet your first real love, not for a day or two, but for the rest of your life - because there’s no peace without love, love is eternity... Kisses on all your noses!

Amanda on 02.13.09 @ 02:52 PM CST [link]

Gallery Update: “Australia” movie premiere

Source: Papparazzi.ru and tassphoto.com

Yulia attended the premiere of the movie “Australia” on February 10th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

Amanda on 02.11.09 @ 06:25 AM CST [link]

Gallery Update: Walk Shoot [HQ]

Source: allmylove.org

An exclusive HQ photoshoot has been uploaded to our gallery. Stay tuned for more!

Amanda on 02.10.09 @ 11:17 AM CST [link]