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04/14/2009: "Coverage: Lena’s meeting with fans"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Russian fans met with Lena Katina on April 14th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. Lena told that the genre of her solo music will be pop and rock. She also told that she is nervous about the future of her solo career, because she has not performed alone much. Thanks to Oleg81, Shakim, House 13 and anneke (tatu.ru/forum).

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Additional information:
- Lena spoke with Yulia over the phone during the meeting.
- Yulia told that the plans to record “Sparks” was cancelled.
- t.A.T.u. have plans to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest.
- Lena will fly to Los Angeles on Sunday to record demos.
- She won’t work with Martin Kierzenbaum and neither will Yulia.
- They last saw ex-producer Ivan Shapavalov at the Bacardi concert.
- When she saw Yulia’s lips, she immediately said that she didn’t like them.
- She has a new dog named “Umka”.
- She was afraid to ride a motorbike.
- She is not ready to have children yet.


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Replies: 12 Comments

on Saturday, April 18th, Amanda said

Lisa, “Sparks” is the English version of “220”.

on Saturday, April 18th, cynthia said

lena is the most amazing persion on this planet no doughbt !!!!!!!!!!!! i love her rly !(L) <3

on Saturday, April 18th, liisa said

what's "spark"? sorry for a dumb question :P

on Friday, April 17th, Sofia said

No Sparks? Nuuuuu

I was looking forward to that almost more than anything else on that album! Pleeaase, let this not be true or someone change their mind. For my own sanity and the safety of others... let there be Sparks.

on Friday, April 17th, Courtney said

About the Eurovision contest: Weren't they the ones that have said Eurovision was only for beginners trying to make it big in the music business? That they really didn't want to do it in the first place, That they don't care about Eurovision? Now it sounds like they're backtracking and eating their words, so to speak...

"She won’t work with Martin Kierzenbaum and neither will Yulia. " <--- That sucks... I wonder why. Is it because she's not on a major label anymore? :-/

on Friday, April 17th, Courtney said

I'm looking forward to Lena's career more than Yulia's. I think she'll make it farther than Yulia. She has a good head on her shoulders and a nice voice... Yulia seems to scream a lot nowadays.

on Wednesday, April 15th, Amanda said

Daniel, it is possible that the cancellation is only temporary. I have hope that they (she?) will record it at a later time.

on Wednesday, April 15th, Daniel said

No more Sparks?
I was looking forward to the English version... =(

on Tuesday, April 14th, Brandon said

Shh, don't steal my idea, Lily! >:(



on Tuesday, April 14th, Lily said

Glad to hear some news about Lena, wish I could understand what she's saying but hey, aw I wish I could meet her (:

maybe I should fly to LA and try to stalk her.. pfft yeah right lol

on Tuesday, April 14th, Sofia said

Oh, yeah. Lena has an awesome voice! I can't wait :3

I hope some of it will be in English, like her demos. I thought those were really cool.

on Tuesday, April 14th, jenn said

I am so looking forward to Lena's stuff. This is going to be interesting with the solo careers and all.