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04/28/2009: "New Lena diary entry"

Source: Tatu.ru

Hello again!
Everybody should have learnt by now that I can finally see - Iíve done laser correction of my eyesight. Telling you everything right now!

Iíve never imagined it would be so scary! Youíll be able to see all the details soon, but Iím warning you guys: this stuff is not for sissies! Iíll remember how I felt for the rest of my life! The most scary part was to understand that your eye is opened all the time, but the picture constantly changes!
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For 23 seconds I was completely blind, and then came this little light that I needed to stare at - it started to move, to dim, to blur, to change colorÖ Itís difficult to explain, but I was scared like hell, pushed in the chair where I sat and held my breath! When laser start to work, everything suddenly becomes black and white. Ah, I shudder every time I think about it! But I can see things now!!! Cool!

Weíre now in the studio with musicians, recording lyrics for the demo. Very fun. Yesterday weíve recorded refrains to one song. Loads of work, but I won't tell you more right now. Everythingís going good, I think. And Iím pretty hungry and going to have a bite now!

See u soon!

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on Saturday, May 2nd, jenn said

Lenok looks so satisfied in that picture. I love it!

on Saturday, May 2nd, Daniel Temple said

Hey there. im glad Lena's eye surgery went well :) omg i would be well scared... i've seen how they do laser eye surgery on telly :O so scary but atleast she's got it over and done with :) xx oh and what demo's lol. please tell me more about this demo at: leopard93@live.com
thanks! =P

on Saturday, May 2nd, TaTyTu said

Good 4 her... :)

on Saturday, May 2nd, Sofia said

YES- New demos!

It's awesome she got her vision corrected. I'd be really scared, imagine all the people who it came out wrong on before they figured out how to do it right! Awesome entry though, I love her updates :3

on Friday, May 1st, Anna said

Ok its cool she got laser eye surgery, but lol wow some people who commented on this are acting like Lena was seriously sick or something. Lol calling her poor dear? Half the people I know have problems with their eyesight, either wearing contact lenses or glasses, I don't feel any pity for them?

on Thursday, April 30th, Kevin Krayewski said

oh, I just love her, I hope new demos been released soon

on Wednesday, April 29th, Angelica said

"Everythingís going good, I think."
lmfao, she is the cutest thing!

on Wednesday, April 29th, Brandon said

That procedure sounds more annoying than going to a dentist! I'm glad she's better now though. :)
I don't even remember ever seeing her wearing reading glasses. I thought she just wore sunglasses.

on Tuesday, April 28th, Gen said

aw, she is adorable! :]

on Tuesday, April 28th, JuliaLenaFan said

I had the same thing done to me. Wore glasses almost all my life. I know what you felt Lena! I had to go through it too. Mine took about 15 mins. but it was scary laying there w/ur eyes opned all the time.

Love you Lena! ^^ Glad you can see really great now! It's worth it. :D

on Tuesday, April 28th, Lily said

yeah she just had bad eye sight that's why she would wear glasses, I always thought she looked cute with glasses, ugh i have to wear glasses as well, I tried contacts once and it took me like an hour to get it in my eye, and it felt all weird but w/e glasses are not that bad =) But aww poor Lena, I would have been scared too *virtual hugs for Lena*

on Tuesday, April 28th, jenn said

It's funny. Back when my eyesight was kick ass, I felt jealous around everybody who wore glasses. I thought they were so cool! Now that I have to wear them, I don't think they're so cool anymore.

on Tuesday, April 28th, Ryane said

I didn't know she had bad eyesight either! Just like me! Aww, I'd be way to scared to get eye surgery. I'm happy for her. Everyone I've heard of who had it done got good results.

on Tuesday, April 28th, coco said

Well if I understood correctly, she just a had bad vision (farsighted or shortsighted) and needed to wear glasses, and this can be corrected with laser surgery treatment. So nothing dangerous or unusual...

on Tuesday, April 28th, Jo said


I didn't even know Lena had eyesight problems. Exactly how bad were they? Poor dear. I knew she wore reading glasses, I feel like a bad Lena fan, now. xP
No, but I'm glad she got them fixed. That's great. *huggles Katina*


on Tuesday, April 28th, Sarah said

I don't really understand this.
Couldn't she see anything at all or did she just have bad eyesight?
Is there an article about it perhaps?
I'm a bit confused right now but I am happy for her :)

on Tuesday, April 28th, Shanice said

Thank you <3

on Tuesday, April 28th, Amanda said

Shanice, no problem. I have added the extended text. You may have to refresh the news entry. I had a problem with tatu.ru earlier too.

on Tuesday, April 28th, Shanice said

Hey, Amanda do you think you could post the whole entry here please? Because my internet's gone weird and I can't look at russian websites.

on Tuesday, April 28th, Mike said

So she just got it done? Has to be a bit disappointing that she went through the whole tatu years without being able to really see anything. I bet when they were shooting YSSU she didn't even know she was kissing a girl lmao